Sunday, June 27, 2010

Well I may not be posting....

But check out trimama's new blog. A time to run.



Thursday, May 06, 2010


Just seeing if anyone is in here??


Friday, October 09, 2009

Kona is Here!!

Visit and go to athlete tracker to see my progress throughout the day.

Race starts at 11:45 am CST.

RACE #993


Wednesday, September 30, 2009

10 days to Ironman

Well this is it. We are under two weeks until the Kona. Crazy. I was unaware of how much stress I could handle...apparently quite a bit. The start up company as of today is still completely unfunded, were relying on some dear friends to get us out to Kona, and still unsure how were paying for all of it. BUT, God is faithful even when were not and he clearly told Kari and I that Kona was on our schedule this year. :)

(screaming out window)

O.K. feeling better now. Now for more interesting news. The signage for Trimama is coming along nicely. Thank you for all the suggestions. I belive the current front runner is...

C'mon Tacky, you'll be 3 times the Ironman that Bigun is!

mmmm...Love that one.

Need more suggestions to make the top five list that I'll publish soon!

Here is a little taste of what the race looks like in Hawaii...

Put up the top 5 signs the smoking hot T-mama will be waving for me throughout the day. BTW...I am so glad Kona is hot, she has to wear such small clothing to stay cool....dang.


Sunday, September 13, 2009

So I need some sign suggestion

Kona requires a Sherpa(certain spouse who cheers for you all day and follows you around supporting you regardless of how much you have been missing from the house, letting the cars fall apart due to all the training ect.)

For Taconite boy that ALWAYS means Trimama. The fact that Kona has an underwear 2 mile run several days prior to my race is not a complaint either. My search for what she is wearing with me is underway regarding this tough, grueling event.

But I need your help on another important aspect of Ironman day, Sherpa signs. This is Kona people! We need good signs.

I purpose 10 quick sayings that I will see throughout the day on the Ironman course.

Then narrow these down to the three best ones.

Here's my suggestions

1. Suck it up, buttercup!
2. You think this course is long....wait till the 'honey do' list.
3. Make the most of the paid for all 17 hours.
4. Go
5. ??


Monday, September 07, 2009

Tri Goodness

Tacky is experiencing some Tri goodness lately. For all of the start up difficulties, 4 kids responsibilities and general sinus infections, Tac is finally getting to get some Kona excitement going!

Checked out the Ironman Kona Athlete guide last night....heheheheh. Checked out a bunch of You Tube stuff on the bike course...hehehehhe. Today I was able to spend the majority of the day with a ton of Tri studs and studettes. The high point being time spent with CY going over all her experiences last year when she raced Kona and gathering tips, like heading out Hawi with cross winds. Yikes!

Ok. Pinch me...I'm doing the Ironman in Kona, HI.

This week was a swim focus (8000 yds)/ rest week except for the make-up long bike (90) for the complete collapse I had the week prior. Other then that, I actually slept quite a bit now that the anti-biotic is working on my 4 week long sinus battle!

Trimama and I have decided Ironman Wisconsin is in need of our cheering. So cheer we will, I may even sneak into swim suit stripping and do my magic(yes Robbie B, I'M BACK). Looking forward to seeing all the tri buddies down there and seeing some first timers cross that line!

I have much to say about my new Sugoi Scwag! I will post on that soon with more pics as I try it out. So far, very nice!


Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Sauna Time

So Tacky needs to get ready for Kona Heat. Yeah, the current Minnesota Summer is more like a spring on steroids. Very cold. On my last long ride the morning temperature was 44...IN FREAKING AUGUST!!

How does one train for Kona heat this far north of the equator. Answer: Tack has learned the new art of the sauna. According to the owner of Gear West Bike and Triathlon, Kevin (a multi year Kona qualifer) the best way to prepare for Kona heat is to get in the old sauna. Kevin suggested after every swim at the YMCA, I jump in the sweat room for as long as I can take it.

I think the first time I may have lasted 5 minutes. Second time I lasted 10 minutes, despite the dude who think walking stark naked in front of me then sitting down is cool. Dude.

Apparently time in the sauna actually effects the physiology of your blood and prepares you better for the heat in Hawaii. I have no clue what Kevin was talking about, but Trimama did confirm that his assertions were based in fact (Registered Dietician and Chief Tribe Doctor).

All other training is moving along fairly well. Heir Bigun had me doing long bikes the day after really long runs. That has been axed. I need a day of recovery between 20 mile runs and 100 mile bikes!! My last bike was a complete bust due to just not having any power in my legs. With all that said, I am amazed at how much stronger I am biking and running this year as opposed to past years. I am convinced this is mostly due to not working on my feet all day long. As a painter there were few moments during the day I was sitting, versus as a broke start up guy...I'm sitting on my duff quite regularly :)

The Kona for Orphans fund is doing great!! As of today we are 25% towards my goal. MUCH thanks to all of you who have contributed! I am amazed at how rewarding working with charities can be. When something as beautiful as adoption can be part of my Ironman experience, the only conclusion is this is truly another gift from above.

Talk soon,