Monday, June 30, 2008

Home at last...

Tac just arrrived back into the cave mere hours ago.

What a freaking mess...

The house gets this way when your entire clan head west for Iron. I am still collecting my thoughts over the entire IMCDA experience and will share more later with pics.

Bigun and I are recording the infamous post Ironman podast this week so stay tuned this weekend for the show (hopefully)

But for now I leave you with a gift Triboomer gave me....(you rock man)

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Dialed up...

How did this happen again! :0. I swear Tac just put one of these wrist straps on a mere 9 1/2 months ago. How do I get myself into these things?

Ahh the wonder of Ironman. It's motivates, excites, inspires and when you come down to the day before the scares the pants out of ya!

Tac is feeling ready though. I think the area I'm looking forward to least is that second loop of rollers. Once I get past that I should be fine (when I say fine, I mean survival fine).

Blink, Bigun, Greyhound and I rode the course by car yesterday. The roller sections are very similar to Wisconsin, just not as long. More like 15-18 miles of rollers. They are plenty challenging though. We rode a few climbs that go up and then up and then a little more up. Some screaming down hills too!

Trimama and the tribe arrived last night. Tacky was very happy to put his hands around the Mama and see the kiddos.

We had a MEET O PEEPS evening Thursday that was great. It was really cool to finally meet Spokane Al, Suplinds, TEA, Momo, The Big Jay and of course it's always good to see this guy...

Tac finds that he needs to place a square around Bigun's face to talk with him, being that the last 6 months he has seen his face, but only in a Skype monitor on our computers. Di and the Bigun are a riot as usual. Tac does struggle to get Blink and Bigun's attention away from all the tri Hotties to focus on race discussion though... Oh well.

This pic is obviously of the swim course. Yes, the water is cold. Yes the water is colder then ANYTHING Tac swam in Minnesota. To best describe the feeling when you put your face in the water is your college dorm buddy walking up to you and slapping you in the face over and over. Fun. Yet the nerves numb in about 5 minutes and I actually had a quite nice swim the rest of the way.

This Ironman feels so different then last year. I'm already an Ironman so this race is about taking on a very sobering challenge and watching my peeps complete their first. So...Tac's goals for this race.

1. Finish
2. Finish faster then Wisconsin
3. Cheer peeps and party hard after!
4. Kiss Trimama when I see her on the course!
5. Worship in the beauty of the country side.

Thats enough for now.

See you on the other side of Ironman Coeur D Alene...


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Suddenly Alone...

Wow. That was weird. The Tribe and Trimama just packed up the car and headed off for Tribe Summer Vacation 2008 (say it in a loud booming voice for full effect). Tac's bike just headed out with them as well...gulp.

Im nervous, but nothing like I was last year at IMWI. I think knowing the distance takes the edge off, but by no means makes Sunday less challenging.

Im really excited to meet lots o peeps. Looking forward to those meet ups.

BTW Episode 10 is up of tjhe Tacboy and Bigun Podcast. We talk CDA, CDa and then touch on some IMCDA.



Monday, June 02, 2008

Update...3 weeks out to IMCDA

150 miles biking, 8000 yards swimming (1/2 open water!) and 28 miles running in the last 7 days.

Feeling good. No injuries. Ready for the taper! Thank God.

Got up early Sunday to sherpa Trimama in her first Olympic. Besides being smoking hot, she raced preatty hot too. Well except for the wardrobe/wetsuit malfunction, but I'll let you read that for itself.

I just went to the water temperature guage at IMCDA. Yes Tac obsesses much. Crap that water is going to be cold. But Hey, Ironman races always have something. Wisconsin is the course and the weather, Arizona the wind and heat, Florida usually the cold and wind ect. I take the Iron Jenny approach, it's just another day, keep moving because 70 year old nun's do this!

Bigun and Tac have found very little time to Podcast. Were hoping to get one more episode out before the race.

Early summer is here in Minnesota. Beautiful temps... and big storms with Hail! Holy cow. The whole house was shaking after this one....

Some Pics of Mama at her Oly...

Have a good week!