Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Friday, October 10, 2008

Update time!

Hi one reader!  Tac thought he would update his blog for posterity.  He has enjoyed the months of non-training, beer and watching Trimama refine her smoky hotness as Ironman Arizona approaches.  Bigun and I should be putting the final touches on our latest episode.  I enjoy our guest in this one because out of the three of us he's the only one who actually gets triathlon. :)

Career change.  Yeah.  I really can't go into too much detail at this point.  Only to say that I am temporarily helping a good friend with an invention.  Depending on some market feedback I may find myself with a new profession. I head out to Dallas this week on my first official 'business trip'. Pray that the people we need to connect with don't get turned off by Tac's nose picking.

Talk soon

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Tac's not a Stripper...He's a Professional Stripper.

According to Madison Nightly News Tac Boy is more then just a Stripper...

Posted Sunday, September 7, 2008 --- 1:45pm

I'm sure we've all heard that time is money.

So what keeps Ironman **volunteers** coming back?

As N-B-C 15's Barclay Pollak reports -- it may not be what they get but more so what other people lose.

You could say that Brian Holmes of Minneapolis is a professional stripper.

He says, " We can probably get somebody stripped in about 20-seconds."

For four years Holmes, a small business owner, has helped people take off their wet suits at the first transition in Madison's Ironman competition.

He says he has one of the most popular positions at the race.

Holmes says, " It's a popular position because you get to strip people."

"According to Holmes it's not as easy as it looks taking off peoples clothes. Actually he says there's a very specific technique that he uses."

He says, "The key is to get their zipper down first and then we get their arms off as fast as we can with out our fingernails digging into them too bad. Then we peel off their arms and then we have them sit down and we call it the yank. Two of us on each side of their hip grab them and just rip it."

According to race organizers the competition couldn't happen without Holmes and the other volunteers working as hard as they do.

Ed Koehl the Ironman's Volunteer Organizer says, " You know really there's just a lot of people in the area that want to help make this event work."

You can bet your bottom dollar that Holmes will be back next year helping athletes slip out of their wet suits.

Koehl also says about 25-hundred athletes participated in this years Ironman and about 35-hundred people volunteered.
TacBoy is sure there was video of this whole interview, but he can't seem to find it on the website.  

Congratulations to Tri Thunder Kraut, my training partner, who not only finished IMMoo but beat Tac's time.  Great race buddy!


Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The Blue Period

Episode 13 is up! We called it the Picasso episode because we are feeling a bit blue.

I think we still managed a fairly good show(I hope).



Click on my side bar to go to iTunes or search for Tacboy n Bigun.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hey O

Once again Taconite Boy finds himself with a blog and no entries. So here a list of random thoughts from said superhero.

1. Changing careers is much further away then it appears in a mirror. Proceed carefully and with much prayer and support.

2. Facebook rocks. If you have not started a facebook page then why are you still reading this. Ask me to be your friend (brian holmes) it makes me feel really teenage like(voice cracking giggle).

Truthfully I spend much more time at FB because everything can be kept to a short quip and I swear uploading pictures is easier then Blogger. It also does not hurt that I have this...
FB for the Steve Jobs modern wonder is really sweet. Easy to catch up on friends, upload pictures instantly ect. (I also love posting pics of the iPhone to drive Bigun nuts)

3. Training for 3-1/2 Ironman's and 2-Full Ironman's in one year tends to leave you preatty burnt.

4. Feeling burnt tends towards a hatred all things lactate threshold inducing.

5. That leads to getting lazy. I like it here.

6. Watching your son suit up for Football for the first time is really cool. Seeing your son take down the kid who is always taking him down...even better.

7 Teenager is not an age, its a disorder

8 The painting profession has become increasingly difficult to produce a fair profit when the wages have been stagnent for over 8 years. Thank you Sanctuary City policies of Mpls/St. Paul.

9 Living a safe Christianity is unacceptable for Trimama and I.

10 Waking up scared out of our minds goes with number 9.

11 Finding Peace is important after 10

12 I love Fat Tire Beer. No, I mean really love it. Thank you Fort Collins, Colorado!!

13 I drank Trappist beer for the first time last week. Did you know it is made by real Monks? Think full bodied microbrew but you strain with your teeth. Thank you Belgium!

14 I wonder if the whole Tribe could just go and become Monks?

15 Escaping Holy pruning is an oxymoron.

16 Simplify Media.com Tac forgot about this. You must check this out. It allows you to share YOUR ENTIRE DIGITAL MUSIC LIBRARY with your friends. You may ask how many friends TacBoy? Thanks for asking, UP TO 30! As long as you have an internet connection you can listen to all of your friend(s) music. Very cool. Oh and by the way for you Jobs whores. Simplify media will STREAM ALL OF IT TO YOUR iPHONE (regardless of connection (wifi/3g/edge)

17 Number 16 proves Im a total geek.

18 I really love the tri-blogs. Great people, good friends and life long connections.

19 Except for Bigun

20 Number 19 shows that I have more pruning needed.

21 I really enjoy podcasting...with Bigun. He is truly a good friend.

22 Madison, September 7th, 2008. Nuff said.

23 I'm looking forward seeing Tri-Thunder Kraught become an Ironman (my training partner)

24 I think the Packers made a big mistake.

25 I think the Vikings are going to be average again.

Thats all for now. Hope your training is going well and check out our newest episode coming out this week!


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

18 years ago...Monday

Happy Anniversary Baby!


Thursday, August 07, 2008

I liked this podcast

M-dot bigun and I just wrapped up episode 12 of the podcast. I really liked this one. Its that feeling after taking a long time off from triathlon and realizing you actually do like training again.

Which leads me to the episode 13 topic...Iron weary.

Hope you enjoy this one...Tac did :) We have a great interview with Supalinds. talk for a short time with Kahuna and of course try something new...the Tac Boy and Bigun Game Show. I need some fake tri commercial sponsors, your ideas would be much appreciated.

Happy training out there.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Where's the kid?

The tribe, Trimama and I were at a local sporting goods store when we came upon this box.

"Yes honey lets go riding.  Do you know where the baby is?  I thinks she's in her 'Fun Run Sports Stroller'.  Its really to bad that doesnt work with our bicycles.  Yeah...maybe we should have thought about that before we bought it....Oh well...Hope she enjoys that nookie!"

Columbia Sports Marketing Division MIGHT need to rethink that box.

All is well in the Tmama/Tacboy house.  We just completed our first 1/2 Iron together on Sunday.  It is always a good day when I spend most of my time behind Trimama :)))

Preatty busy month coming up here.  Tac will be training with his buddy Tri-ThunderKraugt as he prepares for IMWisconsin in September.  We have a 4000 yd swim/100 mile bike to do this Saturday.  Taking the girls (Soap and Hypen to Millwacky, WI to check out that city with my Sister and her new Bo.  Im also preatty stoked to see one of my favorite bands in Downtown Mpls this month 'needtobreathe'.  Hypen, Mama and swinging girl will be in attendence for that one.  

Bigun and I are recording episode 12 as we speak.  Quick interview with Suplinds and few other ditties.  Should be fun.

Happy racing and training out there!


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Episode 11 is Up

Well we finally finished our Ironman Couer d' Alene post race podcast.  Hope you enjoy...

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Being the iPhone freak that I am....

I stupidly sold my iphone today...aaannnd forgot to check if ALL the Apple stores had sold out of the new 3G models.

Dang it.

Back to the 1 dollar ebay phone until they get in stock. :( Bwahhh

Till then Ill just watch this very funny video...


Monday, July 07, 2008

Ironman Coeur D Alene Race Report - The Swim

Wow. Just to busy to really keep the posting up. According to MDot Bigun I have been sucked into the posting hell vortex. Not true, just posting alot less until I feel more inspired to do so. It's funny the obligation I feel towards blogging that I don't need to have. It's my blog...I'll post when I can...BIGUN!

Speaking of annoying but loveable big guys, Tac and BigMeister are in the middle of recording THE post Ironman podcast and he suddenly jumps town for a week. Therefore, no podcast for at least 2 more weeks. I do promise it will be fun to listen to though.

Race report.

I was far under-trained for this Ironman compared to Wisconsin last year. Getting sick in Early April took 3 weeks off my training and I came to Wildflower very under-trained, especially for the run. The good news was that I had dropped 25 pounds since competing in Wildflower the year before. No question that helped as I PR'd by over 20 minutes.

I think it really hit me when I got back from Wildflower that 140.6 miles was staring at me. This being the second one, I think I was too comfortable with the distance knowing that I had done it once before. That seemed to fade as I got within 6 weeks of the race. Suddenly every workout was focusing on June 22nd. Every thought about nutrition was based around what I would do on Sunday.

Coming up to Couer D Alene I had really only done 2 long runs (15 and 17) of which the first one was horrible and the second one was strong. As I flew out on Thursday for Spokane, I felt fine about the swim, strong on the bike and quite worried about my run.

The meet o peeps over the weekend were awesome. It was so good to meet people I had read, interviewed or just heard about. As Bigun pointed out to me, I was quite subdued and focused on Saturday at one of our meet ups near the swim course. I just wanted to start the race, I was tired of waiting for the inevitable.

Its funny how race morning felt just like Wisconsin all over again. Nervous, excited and totally ready to get it on. Ironically Bigun and I ran into each other at the porta potties. He, Greyhound, Blink and I suited up at 630 and headed down to the beach. Eminem started playing, all of the sudden everything became like a blur to the water. I observed nervous faces, people being coached with last second tips, and lots of jumping up and down. We waited on the beach and then suddenly...Bang. I swear I never even thought about the water temp when we dove in. The cool water was the least of my concerns as the swim became increasingly crowded as we approached the first buoy. IMWI was not even close to this crowded on the first loop. Holy crap...it was pure neoprene avoidance drills for the first 10 minutes. Once we came around the mid point the group started to disperse slightly. I was feeling fine. Probably more worried about the heavy cloud cover that came over us during the second loop, wondering what waited for us on the bike.

Exited the water at 1:24: something. Slightly dissappointed with this time. I was hoping for sub 1:20, but no biggie. I was done with the Ironman Swim I DO NOT HAVE TO SWIM ONE MORE STROKE FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR, unless I want too. :)

Headed into T1. Or should I say a woman headed into my chin in full stride when I turned to look for a wet suit stripper. She apologized, but I swear I could not open my mouth for the first 20 minutes of the bike. Hey It's Ironman what ya gonna do!

Bike and Run to come.

But first, from the production studios of Hypen Girl Inc. Comes 'My Dad did another Ironman and all we got was this vacation' video. Actually she brought me to tears by making this for me, it was awesome. Thanks Baby!


Monday, June 30, 2008

Home at last...

Tac just arrrived back into the cave mere hours ago.

What a freaking mess...

The house gets this way when your entire clan head west for Iron. I am still collecting my thoughts over the entire IMCDA experience and will share more later with pics.

Bigun and I are recording the infamous post Ironman podast this week so stay tuned this weekend for the show (hopefully)

But for now I leave you with a gift Triboomer gave me....(you rock man)

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Dialed up...

How did this happen again! :0. I swear Tac just put one of these wrist straps on a mere 9 1/2 months ago. How do I get myself into these things?

Ahh the wonder of Ironman. It's motivates, excites, inspires and when you come down to the day before the race...it scares the pants out of ya!

Tac is feeling ready though. I think the area I'm looking forward to least is that second loop of rollers. Once I get past that I should be fine (when I say fine, I mean survival fine).

Blink, Bigun, Greyhound and I rode the course by car yesterday. The roller sections are very similar to Wisconsin, just not as long. More like 15-18 miles of rollers. They are plenty challenging though. We rode a few climbs that go up and then up and then a little more up. Some screaming down hills too!

Trimama and the tribe arrived last night. Tacky was very happy to put his hands around the Mama and see the kiddos.

We had a MEET O PEEPS evening Thursday that was great. It was really cool to finally meet Spokane Al, Suplinds, TEA, Momo, The Big Jay and of course it's always good to see this guy...

Tac finds that he needs to place a square around Bigun's face to talk with him, being that the last 6 months he has seen his face, but only in a Skype monitor on our computers. Di and the Bigun are a riot as usual. Tac does struggle to get Blink and Bigun's attention away from all the tri Hotties to focus on race discussion though... Oh well.

This pic is obviously of the swim course. Yes, the water is cold. Yes the water is colder then ANYTHING Tac swam in Minnesota. To best describe the feeling when you put your face in the water is your college dorm buddy walking up to you and slapping you in the face over and over. Fun. Yet the nerves numb in about 5 minutes and I actually had a quite nice swim the rest of the way.

This Ironman feels so different then last year. I'm already an Ironman so this race is about taking on a very sobering challenge and watching my peeps complete their first. So...Tac's goals for this race.

1. Finish
2. Finish faster then Wisconsin
3. Cheer peeps and party hard after!
4. Kiss Trimama when I see her on the course!
5. Worship in the beauty of the country side.

Thats enough for now.

See you on the other side of Ironman Coeur D Alene...


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Suddenly Alone...

Wow. That was weird. The Tribe and Trimama just packed up the car and headed off for Tribe Summer Vacation 2008 (say it in a loud booming voice for full effect). Tac's bike just headed out with them as well...gulp.

Im nervous, but nothing like I was last year at IMWI. I think knowing the distance takes the edge off, but by no means makes Sunday less challenging.

Im really excited to meet lots o peeps. Looking forward to those meet ups.

BTW Episode 10 is up of tjhe Tacboy and Bigun Podcast. We talk CDA, CDa and then touch on some IMCDA.



Monday, June 02, 2008

Update...3 weeks out to IMCDA

150 miles biking, 8000 yards swimming (1/2 open water!) and 28 miles running in the last 7 days.

Feeling good. No injuries. Ready for the taper! Thank God.

Got up early Sunday to sherpa Trimama in her first Olympic. Besides being smoking hot, she raced preatty hot too. Well except for the wardrobe/wetsuit malfunction, but I'll let you read that for itself.

I just went to the water temperature guage at IMCDA. Yes Tac obsesses much. Crap that water is going to be cold. But Hey, Ironman races always have something. Wisconsin is the course and the weather, Arizona the wind and heat, Florida usually the cold and wind ect. I take the Iron Jenny approach, it's just another day, keep moving because 70 year old nun's do this!

Bigun and Tac have found very little time to Podcast. Were hoping to get one more episode out before the race.

Early summer is here in Minnesota. Beautiful temps... and big storms with Hail! Holy cow. The whole house was shaking after this one....

Some Pics of Mama at her Oly...

Have a good week!


Friday, May 23, 2008

Blogging is getting tough.

If you are reading this (all 2 of you) I have been so freaking busy that blogging is just not going to happen. The best way to update my life right now is through...

The Tac Boy and Bigun Podcast!!!

Episode 9 is up. We go over the wildflower race report and how were doing considering Ironman CDA is only 4 FREAKING WEEKS AWAY. We also interview Bolder, who if your not aware...is from Boulder. (listen to the podcast for that joke)
I do want to thank Kahuna for all his hospitality in the OC. It was awesome. He made our weekend totally cool. My time getting to hang with Curly Su (who is no longer racing IMCDA sniff sniff) and Greyhound was awesome too!

Some pics..

That last one is Greyhounds bike not quite touching the ground. He's compact and 58 minute pr ready!

Well as usual busy time to go..long ride with Trimama in the morning.

Bike ride.


Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Wildflower race report....well not yet.

Business to run.

Kids to hug.

Jobs to finish.

Money to raise (Team Ortho)

Will get into a detailed report soon.

20 minutes PR!

Overall very good race compared to last year! Yea!


Friday, May 02, 2008

No swearing this time.

Arrived in the OC on thursday afternoon. Kahuna and Mrs. K were awesome hosts. Good coversation, great food and a beautiful drive at sunset. We were up early Friday and arrived at Wildflower around 10:30. Gave us lots of time to swim, check in and contemplate our challenging day ahead.

Ok So Tac had a little language issue last year when he tackled the Wildflower 70.3 course. He'd never seen hills like that and was not ready. Trimama will sadly attest to this when she heard me get off the bike in transition.

This year's different.

Curly Su, Greyhound and Tacky drove the hills today(Why do they always seem much bigger then I remembered). My goals tomorrow at Wildflower

1. Finish

2. Try to finish faster????

3. Time the bottom of nasty grade all they way to the top by hitting my lap button. Tac promised Iron JenJen he would do that.

4. Find more creative phases on the back half of the bike like, "gee this hill is long" or "wow, I'm suprised how much this hurts". Last year Tac was keeping the phrases to the more brief four letter varieties.

5. Relax on the swim.

6. Soak in the beauty and worship

7. Survive the run :)

Big list, but I'm sure it will get done.


Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Trimama!

My Love turns 40 today.

Happy Birthday!


Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Dialed in to Wildflower

Well, ready or not here we go. The chills from my month long flu are still slightly around, but Im taking it quite easy this week in preparation for Saturday.

Then I saw this forcast

OMG....24 mph sustained up to 40 mph gusts

I hope that wind prediction settles down. I looked at a few other sites (weather underground/weather bug) they do not predict winds that high. I'm mentally preparing for the middle ground 18 mph head wind. This would be in the first 20 miles of the race like last year.

If your not familiar with Wildflower its the woodstock of Triathlon. About 4000 participants in 4 races over 2 days. Many of racers camp (we did our hard time last year camping...never again). The long course or 70.3 is considered one of the toughest in the world. Lots of climbing on the bike and the run is just plain ridiculous. 1/2 trail 1/2 road tons of big hills.

Tac heads in with 24 less pounds and better gearing for his bike. He's rested, thats for sure.

Looking forward to seeing Kahuna, Greyhound and Curly Su.

If anyone else is going this weekend please email us so we can meet up!

Try to post from CA as well


UPDATE: Tacky just razor shaved his legs.....Ohh la la....now he's really feeling dialed in.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Episode 8 is Up

Hopefully our banter is'nt getting to old. If it is, you can listen to our three rockin guests. Trisaratops, Momo and Lana. They were all awesome. Thanks girls for lowering your standards. :)

Bigun says he had some problems with the m4a version of the show. I did not. Let us know if it does not play properly. That is the version that has pictures and chapters and only plays on ipods.

Don't sweat with out...THE TACBOY N BIGUN PODCAST!


Monday, April 14, 2008

Random stuff

Woke up to this forecast this morning.

Is it possible? Could the cold dead tenticles of winter finally be leaving. I believe so!!!

Still sick. THE WORST FLU TAC HAS EVER HAD. I have never been this sick. Missed over a week of training now. Probably going to skip the Trailmix 25k run this Saturday. Will see. Not going to be ready for Wildflower the way I was planning.

The Tacboy N Bigun Podcast have a new episode up. This is the non-interview/interview podcast. You'll see what I mean.

We have a bunch of real interviews for the next one though :)
Just click on my sidebar link to go to the podcast on iTunes

Thoughts and prayers go to Commodore who had a rough day at IMAZ.

Happy spring everyone.


Update Wednesday 4/16
Feeling somewhat better. Still very weak. Biked an hour tonight and coughed a ton. Trying a swim/run brick in morning. Yikes.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Paradise Lost? Letters from sick bay...

Fever, chills and general crap feeling are here at the Tac Cave. So Its lots of soda (for the sore throat) and mama like treatment from the crazy sweet hottie hot one

Apparently Iron Kahuna has run into more of what Bigun and Tac termed 'annonyn-a-ass'. You know, those wonderful comments left by unknown cowards which are either insulting, hurtful or all of the above. Kahuna refered to the Milton poem 'Paradise Lost'. First making sure Bigun and I weren't the a-holes he was talking about :) , then making sure he wasnt refering to some show on ABC, I finally concluded that this poem was truly amazing. I became enthralled with the Milton classic and some of the interesting critiques, especially that of CS Lewis(Narnia Chronicles)

435 Pages! Separated into 12 books. Milton desired to bring the 'fall of man' biblical story to a more accessible level through his prose. He explored deeply the history of Satan, the unique sinless relationship of Adam and Eve, the final great deception, fall and Hope of future redemption. Basically great classic Christian literature.

Whew...that's what happens when your sicker then a dog, have no where to go with a laptop on your bed.

I'm fairly sure that Kahuna was referring to the pollution of the triblogosphere's from these nasty unknown commenter's who rear their ugly ass heads from time to time. What I found interesting was the idea that the blog paradise had been lost.

I didn't know we found paradise.

I don't think anytime you enter into a community of human beings you find paradise. Encouragement, camaraderie, laughter, tears of joy..and many other positive life affirming elements...absolutely!. All those can be found and enjoyed within our tri blog community. In fact, I have stated many times that Kahuna himself has been a major inspiration in the triathlon experience that I have enjoyed. Yet, whenever you enter a community of human beings you enter with GREAT RISK. Risk of feeling disappointed, hurt, frustrated, jealous...the list goes on. Maybe you have never had any negative feelings towards other bloggers before, but I would be ball face lying to say that I had not.

Were all broken people, most aspire to better ourselves everyday. Many of us make mistakes in things we say or write, hopefully we seek reconciliation and move on. Yet Milton is clear that innocence gave way to all new feelings...

"They sat them down to weep, nor only tears/ Rained at their eyes, but high winds worse within/ Began to rise, high passions, anger, hate,/ Mistrust, suspicion, discord, and shook greatly/ Their inward state of mind." Book IX, Paradise Lost

The resulting consequences and how to cope with a lost state of peace are matters of deep faith and philosophy. Speaking of faith, Trimama and I have recently had some shockingly disappointing relationships fail in our own church. All though this recent experience is nothing compared to the evils I've seen done to people I dearly loved within the 'church'.

I stopped long ago believing church was paradise.

No group of human beings (family, friends, church, tri-communities), no amount of money, no level of life dream accomplishments will ever encompass paradise. Milton was right...it was lost long ago.

Obviously as a Christian you all have a good idea where my faith and philosophy fall.

So yes Kahuna, Paradise is lost....but Milton also said in book XII, Hope is not.



Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Out like a freaking lion...

This is a picture of your tri caped wonder heading out on his first BIKE RIDE OUTSIDE on Sunday.

Whoo hoo whoo hoo (does Tac have the longest head or what?)

That was the reaction of said superhero when he woke up 16 hours later to this...(one of the very roads I had just ridden)

Ahhh spring time birds chirping, out door riding and 10 inches of snow. &*@#%*##*@!!!!!

We are in major melt no though, 60's next week. :)

Tac opted out of the April fools hilarity, but did appreciate some of his fellow members posts like this and this.

Very nice boys

Tac out

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Update Time

Time is so short, posting has become very difficult (other then begging for donations). I have had several very preliminary interviews recently, but still have a ways to go before a career changing job is at hand. The Tribe is bouncing along nicely with a few bumps here and there, but no major blowouts. The painting business is what it is, very demanding. The podcast has been a great way to blow off steam. I hope you have enjoyed, I know I like putting them together with the.bigun.

6 Weeks to Wildflower, the hardest 1/2 ironman distance in the world. Seems like every bike ride I have to do inside (snow..urrrr) makes nasty grade that much scarier. Nasty grade is a section of the race at around mile 40 that requires you to stand (or you'll go backwards) and pedal for at least 5-8 minutes straight. I need Trimama's wonder-woman like lasso to have Greyhound pull me up. The Minnesota weather is supposed to become hospitable by late next week, will see. I have a 4 hour ride on the trainer on Sunday. (sounds of weeping) But...I did sign up for all this pain, so it's completely my fault :)

I am really looking forward to the Wildflower experiencer. I love visiting California and the company will be lots of fun. 7 weeks after that race is IMCDA. In the middle of all this might be a job change and some other big family changes. When more details emerge on the latter one, I promise to share quite prolifically.

Here some shots from Easter...we had a lovely time with family. One of my niece's pointed out near the end of the evening that when our family gets together no one is watching the clock for the time to leave, we just love getting together. I'm very thankful for that, and it's a tribute to my parents.

Of course the always smoking hot Trimama...

Removing Crustations from Choppers' ear...ewww

Soap, Urp and Hypen


Happy Training


Monday, March 24, 2008

Episode 6...Bigun talks to much...

New podcast is up! Click on the side bar link to subscribe (there's even a version for you non iTunes people) (you know who you are)


Sunday, March 16, 2008

Team Ortho....I need some help!!!

First, Tac wants to thank those who have already donated to my Janus site for Team Ortho!

Second Tac just realized that he REALLY needs your help.

As I said in the last post, Ironman is a disorder...

Could you please help enable my insanity by helping raise funds for Team Ortho. A non-profit organization that helps fund orthopedic research.

In 2006, with the support our members, sponsors, donors, and races, Team Ortho Foundation donated $18,000 to support bone, joint, spine and infection research at three orthopedic research organizations: The Minneapolis Medical Research Foundation, the Orthopedic Research and Education Foundation, and the Orthopedic Trauma Association Research Fund. Team Ortho also provides grants for amputee kids and adults to participate in Team Ortho events.

This is a great organization that not only helps research orthopedic advances, but helps promote healthy lifestyles for everyone by sponsoring family friendly run and walk events.

I NEED YOUR HELP. YOU WILL ENABLE MY CRAZY PURSUITS TO FINISH THIS IRONMAN ONLY IF I RAISE $2500.00 FOR TEAM ORTHO. I am already in heavy training for this event, but I need you to help me cross the finish line.

250 donors of 10.00 would reach my Goal

125 donors of 20.00 would reach my Goal

50 donors of 50.00 would reach my Goal


Any donor of 250.00 or more receives a free Ipod shuffle!

Any donor of 500.00 or more gets a free ipod Nano!


Please donate at this link.

Any amount you could help with would be awesome!



Sunday, March 09, 2008

Ironman's a disorder...

It really should be classified as a disorder. First presenting stage is when an individual decides he or she should train and complete one. Second stage is after training and completing the Ironman, the victim blanks out all memories of early morning swims, major cramps, rolling on the painful roller thingy and overall complete exahustion/never ending sore spots and starts to plan the NEXT ONE. The third stage presents itself when the said individual no longer speaks of the Ironman in terms of finishing, but now starts to talk in terms of racing and qualifying times (note TacBoy does not see stage three presenting any time soon).

I'm absolutely in stage two right now. Most days I'm glad I signed up and most days I do ask why I'm doing all of this. This topic came up on our latest podcast and I found myself really wanting to discuss why we do this crazy distance.

1. I do it for the challenge-I'll never forget the first time I went to IM Wisconsin and watched my first race. One word...awe. The distance, the determination, the hours of training all leading to this one day. One very Hot and sticky day. I didnt think I would sign up for one the next year, but that is now history. (Bigun.... I don't know if you know, but I'm and Ironman now)

2. I do it for the relationships. I think this is almost tied with number one. I love the people I've met. From multi Ironman finishers who inspire me to push harder, to first time sprint triathletes who are so excited to take on their first tri challenge. I love the Wednesday night rides, the sunday morning runs, sharing the lows and highs with the blogosphere. Meeting up in person with my dozens of creepy internet friends! (you know who you are) It all rocks!

3. I do it for my marriage....After my last post that might sound like a crock, but it's not. Trimama and I have grown so much closer because of this sport. We have taken on the challenges as a couple and get to enjoy many new relationships together as well.

4. I do it for my health. This could be considered oxymoronic. Nuff said

Those are four reasons, how about you?


Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Episode 5 is up!

Hope you enjoy, click on iTunes link in the sidebar to subscribe.

Check out the photos too! :)


Friday, February 29, 2008

Course correction?

Oh Boy. Trimama showed me the flowers she bought for herself yesterday, exclaimiong happily, "I decided to romance myself"


I may be a dumb old superhero, but I picked up on that one pretty quick. Mama needs more of Tac's emotional and thoughtful attention. Not being one to put my marital issues on the blog, Tac feels that the tri-blog is good place to talk about his life priorities sometimes.

Devotion to Christ is number one. Marriage is right behind that. I married my best friend, so thats not too tough. The tribe is second, again easy cause the kids are an awesome gift to me! My business is next because money makes the world go round. Training for an Ironman is last. Oh that's right...Bigun is so emotional.... so I better put the podcast in there too.

The problem is that training moved it's way up to first. Not healthy for Tac, Mama or the kids. It's amazing to me how I become such a slave to the PLAN. Plan's are ignorant of other life pressures and customizing is essential to me.

I've decided to pull a Trimama. I'm cutting back to 4-5 days of training only a week. This is exactly what she did in preparation for IMFL 06 and she had a great race. If it's good enough for my lover, then it works for me. Tac's putting in some course correction but still planning on hitting the IMCDA course hard in June.

Have a good weekend...I've got a hot date to plan.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Episode 4 is up!

No Title. No Bits. Hopefully just laughs :D

Click on my sidebar link to go to iTunes


Friday, February 15, 2008

Tac's a wheeler and Dealer

You have to be careful around the Tribe household when Tac gets near craigslist. Hold onto anything you want to keep cause he likes to deal!

In the last couple months.

-sold garmin 301
-sold imac then bought new iMac for only 100.00 bucks more!
-sold cameras-replaced camera with way more expensive one (duck that was Trimama swingin)
-sold wii accesories
-sold old video camera

Which brings me to this listing that appeared under a search I did for a 40d Canon camera. Apparently 40d refers to more then just camera's...

What the fruit! Who knew?

Take a care out there regarding your underwear!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Library in the Hallowed Hall

Tacboy n' Bigun have an official Library. Think of old mahogony ceiling beams with book shelves from floor to ceiling. Reading chairs and large tables (triangular of course). Each time you remove a book there is that 'book smell' with a little dust needing to be blown off.

Were looking for titles for the Library. Book Titles

Also we have a large Dictionary in the Library. Think aged edged pages, about a mile thick. We need Dictionary words related to the official Dictionary of the League of Triathletes.

Any ideas you have we would love to hear!!

Leave us a message at 813-990-0951.

Tac's been busy training and still looking for that career change. Ugh. Lots of stress, but I'm thankful for a very supportive and praying wife! The podcast has been a great escape as well. Thanks for all your nice comments!

Have a great week and help us build a our mythical library!!

Monday, February 04, 2008

Team Ortho Couer d'Alene 2008

Taconite boy begins his training today. 20 Weeks to Ironman. In some ways it seems like it far off in the distance, but in reality those weeks just seem to fly by. Before you know it, your suiting up and getting into the water with 2500 of your best friends.

Last year when Tac did Ironman Wisconsin he decided to participate in a Janus Charity Challenge by raising Funds for SAVE (Suicide Awareness and Voices of Education).

What a rewarding experience! I determined that any future Ironman's would always involve a Janus Charity of some sort because it made the process so much richer.
By the way, we raised $3000.00 last year for SAVE and Janus added another 800 to total 3800.00!

Thank you to all of those who supported Tac and SAVE last year!

Well this year to race at Couer d'Alene was through a Team Ortho slot.


Sounds good to me. Team Ortho is dedicated to raising funds for Orthopedic research to better the lives of those who suffer from joint ailments. Much of the research that they fund is used not just here in the US but all over the world to help devloping nation populations. Team Ortho also encourages general joint health by sponsoring multiple ameteur races all over the country.

Tac will get right to the point. He needs your help. If 200 people donate $10.00 I will have reached my goal! (I'll tip in the rest if need be) of $2500.00

Team Ortho uses the Janus Charity site to raise funds, credit cards accepted. If you would like to send a check please contact Tacboy by email.

Here's the link...

Team Ortho-Taconite Boy

Thanks for anything you can do!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Just like the podcast...

Tac's going to post on something that has nothing to do with Triathlon :)

New podcast up on Monday by the way.

Some opportunities have arisen that allow me to pursue another passion in my life, photography.

Tac's looking at purchasing a 40d Canon and looking for anyone who has some opinions on lenses for Canon in general.



Sunday, January 27, 2008

My Weak off Update

According to Bigun and Greyhound my week off of any training is wussy butt. So here's a list of what Tac has accomplished.

1. Tempo Eating
2. Pop tart fartleks (thx Bigun)
3. Sleep intervals
4. Sinusitus pill popping
5. Sam Adams Slurping.

Seriously Tac's been doing nothing this week to heal some sore spots and prepare for his the Ironman training plan. Tac is using the Beginner Triathlete 20 week silver plan. He used BT last year for his 1/2 Iron and a 12 week bridge from that to the full distance. I highly recommend the site. No kick backs here, just like the plans. Only comment would be that the swim portions of the plan can be too heavy. Spend the money on the silver plans, they include good workouts, with excellent strength training routines (by D3 Multisport). Both Trimama and Tac cut about 25% of the swimming out of our plans and had fine Ironman swims.

Here's the Link...Beginner Triathlete(If BT wanted to send tac something for free, he will never turn down because he's a schwag whore)

Happy race planning!


Friday, January 25, 2008

We Need Your Lovely Voices

Tacman and the Bigun need some piffy comments. Please leave some love at our podcast number! :)

813 990 0951


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

TacBoy 'n Bigun - Episode 2

Episode 2 is up! Titled the hallowed hall.

Click on Tac's sidebar link to iTunes, or head over to Bigun's sight for a online feed.

Thanks for listening! (or pretending to)

TacBoy is officially off from all training this week. Ahhhhh. The 20 week plan to Ironman CDA begins this Sunday. Until then just stretching and resting. The Taco Bell/Pop Tart weight loss plan is finished. Tacs down from 204 at ironman to his current weight of 185. One part he forgot about losing 20 pounds is that your not only lighter on the scale, but also in the wallet. Holy Crap I've had to buy all new clothes recently. Trimama requires her super-stud to not look like bilbo baggins!

Tac Out...hope you enjoy the podcast.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Podcasting is Fun

Tac is liking his podcasting. It's a nice distraction from the extreme stress going around him right now. Tac would like to thank all the the people who have left encouraging comments.

Tac listens to lots of podcasts. His current list is Onion Radio News, Paste Magazine, Relevant Magazine, GYGO and lately he's been thinking of trying out some latin casts for picking up a little spanish lingo.

Of course owning one of these helps in listening to the podcasts...

(that pic makes Bigun sooo jealous, he he he)

Tac just got his new iPhone update. Thank you master Steve for providing your minions with this update. We are so honored that you allow us to continually dump our hard earned cash upon the Apple shaped alter of Jobs bliss.

Back to reality. Tac is getting closer on the job front. He's aware it's taking awhile, but patience and persistance have paid off. He is now narrowing down specific jobs and is getting ready to apply soon.

Thanks again giving the podcast love. New episode should be up by the end of the weekend.

Tac out and 10 days till IMCDA training!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The League of Triathletes Podcast is here!

Were still waiting on iTunes to finish the uploading, but for now here is a link to our first Podcast!

Episode 1

Monday, January 07, 2008

Trimama's Leaving Me!

Tac's sure of it. He heard her speaking to her 'friend' over the phone yesterday. What has Tac done? How did he mess up this bad? He knows what happened. Last Thursday morning was the battle scene. 5 am, small counter by the toaster. She reached up for my last Cinnamon Roll Pop Tart.

Nobody messes with Taconite Boy's pop tarts.

Since when did Trimama eat Tac's coveted Pop Tarts!! One harsh comment led to another and she's gone.

Well at least gone until Sunday night when Tac picks her up. Her friends include the likes of Lana, IronJenny, local running homies and of course blogger host royalty...Commodore.

Arizona is the official destination for the first Tri blogger reunion tour of the year.

Tac's sure she would love to run the Rock and Roll Mary, but she'll make a great sherpa!

Have a great time dear. I'll miss you, the tribe will miss good food.

Tac's quite the heel. Well at least he has a bad heel. He's ignoring the idea that he has the dreaded, first word hangs outside a european village window, second word sounds similar to a facist with a bad cold. Because that would really suck donkey kongs. Tac's looking for therapy's for this troubled heel so any ideas would be appreciated :(

Tac out...and happily under-trained

Tridummy is going to be there as well...sheesh!

Podcast? Yes. Podcast coming out soon. Remember it's free so dont expect too much!