Friday, December 29, 2006

Am I this out of shape?

The classic statement of a triathlete who's taken a 3-4 month break from training after realizing his heart is beating really fast. Well at least that's what I thought the problem was.

Been swimming twice a week lately alternating 2500 and 1500 yard swims. Felt preatty strong.

Started this new run method lately. The shuffle. Works preatty freakin good. Trimama has been encouraging me to do it for about a year now. "You run to heavy, your stride is to long and pounding on your knees." She was right. It also helped when I saw the Florida Ironman video. The women's champion, Bella Comeford, is strongest on the run. As long as she can hold somewhat close in the bike, she usually passes the leaders on the run and wins. Of course knowing Trimama was wrong, I watched Bella run...WITH A SHUFFLE! What the &*^%$%^. Once again humbled, but thankful.

I am very grateful for my wife, kids, parents and friends. I got home from the hospital tonight, sat down and played legos with soap and chopper. We made a mean lookin fire station for chopper and urps new Christmas fire trucks. Play time seemed alot richer tonight.

My fast heartbeat turns out to be less about conditioning and more about atrial fibrillation. Was it a good sign that my first thought and second statement to the doctor was "Can I still do Ironman Wisconsin?" She's not sure. I'm on blood thinning medication right now and see the cardiologist on Tuesday. What the fudge. I feel like I'm 29, 38 still seems young and I got heart problems. Oh well. He has His purpose in this too.

Appreciate your prayers. This scared Trimama a little tonight. I did need to reassure her that I'm not dead yet, so she can put the resume away :)

Tac out (but not dead, just out)

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I think training sounds ok.

Well finally getting out of the crazy time here at tribal land. I finished our project as you can see over at Trimama's blog and my work project deadline has been completed. I swam 1800 casual today. I think that I am actually starting to look forward to training. I have taken about 3 months off. It's been great. I really beat my body at work and I really needed all of this time off. But the itch is starting. If I wanted to start my 20 month plan for Wildflower, it starts this Monday....Naaaa I am going to wait till after the first of January. Although there is no crime in taking a look at my training schedule over at Beginner Triathlete :)

Tac out