Friday, August 31, 2007


First off. Tac needs to address Bigun and Greyhound...Yes Tac is aware of his lack of posting...DID YOU READ THE LAST POST! :) Honestly, blogging has been way down on the list the last several weeks. Yet if your reading this, thanks for checking in and sending your words of encourgment, they really mean alot!

Tener Gusta La Espana-The Janus Charity Fund Raiser

What an awesome evening. We had the idea of a fundraiser, the creativity of our friends took over and we ended up with a lovely evening on Lake Minnetonka with Spanish wine flights, tapas and good friends.

Hypen Girl and Swinging Girl were part of our official servers.

Appreciation is in order. Thanks to all the organizers for putting this together starting with the always raging hot Trimama. Thank you Robbie, Sara, Abbey and Pam for all your cooking and decorating! Thank you to all our guests who contributed to my charity SAVE (Suicide Awareness and Voices of Education).

Through the contributions of our guests we raised over $1000.00 dollars towards my goal! One of the special parts of the evening was when the parents of Jon whom Tac dedicated this race to, won the jewlery door prize. You have to love God's providence!

Tac is thankful.

Thankful for the gift of health that allows me to take on the IMMoo event. What an honor to participate in such an epic event.

Thankful for the gift of a beautiful woman (inside and out) who supports me in my goals both spirtually, vocationally and Iron related.

Thankful for friends who love others enough to give generously so others can experience healing in the midst of great sorrow.

Thankful for the opportunity to carry the names of these families 140.6 miles, remembering there loss and praying for them along the journey towards the capitol finish line. Tac has many names he's carrying on a post card September 9th, if you have seen the effects of Suicide in your life, or the lives of others PLEASE email those names so that I can race in honor of them. I'll be praying for you and your effected family members or friends.

Thankful for the bloggers who have encouraged me to dream big and have a big heart! Thanks guys, you know who you are!

Janus Charity Challenge-SAVE

Tac's goal is to reach $3500.00. He's at $2300.00 currently, anything you can do to help would be great! Just click on the link to the right to go to my Janus Chartiy page.

Up final thoughts before heading to Wisconsin

OMG Greyhound is sleeping at our house on Tuesday night. So much Iron intensity under one roof, look out neighbors!

Tac out

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Tacs Hormonal

What's happening to Tac? He's been so emotional the last several days, it's shocked even him. Feelings are ranging from pre IMWI complete breakdown/freakout to total pragmatic acceptance to slight despair that all the training will end and some hard realities are soon to begin. Training for Ironman is tough. As Trimama loves to say, "If anyone could do it, everyone would be one". True and training for Ironman Wisconsin is not easy either, I've ridden the course. Adding to that the weight of my fairly slow business, along with the extremely uncomfortable new job opportunities that have arisen make the tac boy a wee tired and slightly hormonal.

Much has been happening on the job front as Tac's friend has helped him get a look from some executives over at Target. You know, that tiny little bulls eye logo company based here in Minnesota. JBones has been extremely kind in helping craft Tac's first ever resume. The opportunity is great, so the committment to get this done is even greater. Yet trying to place Paradise Painting and all that was put into this business in a corporate speak resume has been both frightening, because Tac's unsure if he can really make it in the white collar world, and hard because it requires much thought and pondering.

Though very thankful for this new direction in life, the timing is kinda tough. Mostly being that Tac works out more then he potty's right now. Tac does get encouragement though, the other day Sopinator just randomly blurted out, "Extra Credit!". Mama was wondering what she meant and inquired.

"Dad gets extra credit because he doing Ironman and making money for us"

Thanks Soap.

The good news is that the taper is not far away and finshing the resume will no be far behind.

More later about my Janus Fund Raiser/Spanish Wine sounds kinda sexy. By the way if you would like to know who I'm sponsering this year at IMmoo just click on my link on the side bar under Janus Charity Challenge!

Tac out

Thursday, August 09, 2007

What gets you going.

Music is a key part of Taconite Boy's workouts. Thankfully the White Stripes have a new album, but Tac is feeling the need for some new good rockin music. The resident superhero does tilt towards the alternative rock stuff, but at this point in the Iron training is open to any suggestions to just keep him going.

Here is one song that just gets tac movin...


Tac out...and lookin for good music

Friday, August 03, 2007

Business Time

To quote 'flight of the conchords'...It's Business time! Training going well, still feeling the effects of not have a good bubble butt, but hey it's too late now because its business time.

Greyhound and Tac have been slightly fretting the swim, it has something to do with 2.4 miles with 2400 of your best friends fear thingy.

Hound dog, here's some pics to get ready with from 2005....

I even have a picture of 'Mr. I never post' Chivalry Chris getting on the bike....

One thing Tac notices about these pictures is the amount, or lack of space between swimmers. It's actually not too bad...I hope...

Tac's good friend JBones loves the 'Flight of the Conchords'. Tac's not saying this is the current state of relations with Mama, but their are some unfortunate similarities....

Tac out