Sunday, January 27, 2008

My Weak off Update

According to Bigun and Greyhound my week off of any training is wussy butt. So here's a list of what Tac has accomplished.

1. Tempo Eating
2. Pop tart fartleks (thx Bigun)
3. Sleep intervals
4. Sinusitus pill popping
5. Sam Adams Slurping.

Seriously Tac's been doing nothing this week to heal some sore spots and prepare for his the Ironman training plan. Tac is using the Beginner Triathlete 20 week silver plan. He used BT last year for his 1/2 Iron and a 12 week bridge from that to the full distance. I highly recommend the site. No kick backs here, just like the plans. Only comment would be that the swim portions of the plan can be too heavy. Spend the money on the silver plans, they include good workouts, with excellent strength training routines (by D3 Multisport). Both Trimama and Tac cut about 25% of the swimming out of our plans and had fine Ironman swims.

Here's the Link...Beginner Triathlete(If BT wanted to send tac something for free, he will never turn down because he's a schwag whore)

Happy race planning!


Friday, January 25, 2008

We Need Your Lovely Voices

Tacman and the Bigun need some piffy comments. Please leave some love at our podcast number! :)

813 990 0951


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

TacBoy 'n Bigun - Episode 2

Episode 2 is up! Titled the hallowed hall.

Click on Tac's sidebar link to iTunes, or head over to Bigun's sight for a online feed.

Thanks for listening! (or pretending to)

TacBoy is officially off from all training this week. Ahhhhh. The 20 week plan to Ironman CDA begins this Sunday. Until then just stretching and resting. The Taco Bell/Pop Tart weight loss plan is finished. Tacs down from 204 at ironman to his current weight of 185. One part he forgot about losing 20 pounds is that your not only lighter on the scale, but also in the wallet. Holy Crap I've had to buy all new clothes recently. Trimama requires her super-stud to not look like bilbo baggins!

Tac Out...hope you enjoy the podcast.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Podcasting is Fun

Tac is liking his podcasting. It's a nice distraction from the extreme stress going around him right now. Tac would like to thank all the the people who have left encouraging comments.

Tac listens to lots of podcasts. His current list is Onion Radio News, Paste Magazine, Relevant Magazine, GYGO and lately he's been thinking of trying out some latin casts for picking up a little spanish lingo.

Of course owning one of these helps in listening to the podcasts...

(that pic makes Bigun sooo jealous, he he he)

Tac just got his new iPhone update. Thank you master Steve for providing your minions with this update. We are so honored that you allow us to continually dump our hard earned cash upon the Apple shaped alter of Jobs bliss.

Back to reality. Tac is getting closer on the job front. He's aware it's taking awhile, but patience and persistance have paid off. He is now narrowing down specific jobs and is getting ready to apply soon.

Thanks again giving the podcast love. New episode should be up by the end of the weekend.

Tac out and 10 days till IMCDA training!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The League of Triathletes Podcast is here!

Were still waiting on iTunes to finish the uploading, but for now here is a link to our first Podcast!

Episode 1

Monday, January 07, 2008

Trimama's Leaving Me!

Tac's sure of it. He heard her speaking to her 'friend' over the phone yesterday. What has Tac done? How did he mess up this bad? He knows what happened. Last Thursday morning was the battle scene. 5 am, small counter by the toaster. She reached up for my last Cinnamon Roll Pop Tart.

Nobody messes with Taconite Boy's pop tarts.

Since when did Trimama eat Tac's coveted Pop Tarts!! One harsh comment led to another and she's gone.

Well at least gone until Sunday night when Tac picks her up. Her friends include the likes of Lana, IronJenny, local running homies and of course blogger host royalty...Commodore.

Arizona is the official destination for the first Tri blogger reunion tour of the year.

Tac's sure she would love to run the Rock and Roll Mary, but she'll make a great sherpa!

Have a great time dear. I'll miss you, the tribe will miss good food.

Tac's quite the heel. Well at least he has a bad heel. He's ignoring the idea that he has the dreaded, first word hangs outside a european village window, second word sounds similar to a facist with a bad cold. Because that would really suck donkey kongs. Tac's looking for therapy's for this troubled heel so any ideas would be appreciated :(

Tac out...and happily under-trained

Tridummy is going to be there as well...sheesh!

Podcast? Yes. Podcast coming out soon. Remember it's free so dont expect too much!