Sunday, December 30, 2007

Tribal Christmas

We have survived the Holiday flu! Apprently Tac's illness was felt by each and every member of the Clan ending with Trimama in bed today, one week later with a slight fever :( Despite the technicolor spewing, the time spent together was good and a reminder of how blessed we are to have close family and friends.

New Years Eve will be spent with more good family friends, toasting champagne, sipping wine and probably enjoying a few really good cigars. Tac has 4 weeks until any form of training begins. So until then all he needs to do is accomplish a major career change and manage three to four work sites.

Wish Tac luck (or a coveted prayer).


Here's a little window into the Tribe's Christmas eve...

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Have a holly jolly flu...

Tac wakes up this morning with significant digestive issues. You will be spared details. It's all about the timing. Trimama and I were planning a hot christmas shopping/watch the vikes at our favorite pub date tonight. Hopefully, if well rested the plans will go forward.

Chopper is all over the presents this weekend. Angling to open "just one" prior to Christmas Eve. Mama and Tac are holding strong, but he does get points for tenacity.

Hope you have a great Christmas weekend


Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Chopper

Chop got hold of Tac's Mac.

Too funny


Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Holding My Own

Well resume building is going well. Tac's been throwing the virgin document before some corporate friends for feed back and refinement. Please be gentle with me.

Not one aspect of the 'changing careers' adventure has been very simple. The cultural shift from manual labor/small business owner to corporate employee is hard to envision and prepare for.

Yet were holding our own. WE meaning Trimama has been a HUGE support through this process, both emotionally, practically and spiritually. Thanks dear.

The Christmas season is moving along nicely, the kids took part in our small church's music program this Sunday. Very cute. We are planning the big family get together next week. Where multiple tribes will descend on Grandmas house. Which always has a nice cinnamon smell on Christmas day. Presents will be opened, good food and wine shared and general thanksgiving for the blessing of family will be the theme. Looking forward to that.

Grandmas house will be making new memories, but Tac's been scanning in some OLD photos of said superhero and a certain Triathlon Mom from their early days. Pictures to appear some time soon. What? Now? O.K. here's one...

Pre-Chopper Pic

Well off to do the 'not training for IMCDA yet/not really base training/more keep in shape from all the Hershey kiss cookies' swim.

Tac out

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Have you ever tasted home made Ice cream. Holy cow, Tac has reached new levels of super hero status with this latest advent gift. Ironically, or not, the boys are the main chefs for the sweet frozen treat. Tac's preatty sure we produced about 40,000 calories worth of Creamy goodness over the last 4 days. This is exactly why Mama and Tac bought this machine, not the calories, just to enjoy creative outlets with the tribe.

It's been averaging about 2 degrees here lately. So, we make ice cream...what the fruit. Oh well the cold seems to creep into the brain and lends towards insanity and that's why we have 16 quarts of Ice Cream in the freezer while Tac is trying to lose weight.

Must resist, must resist...yes.

It is working. Tac is down a full 20 pounds from last year at this time and is heading to knock off another 10 before training begins in late January. Last year was the backward year where a bottle of wine every night during the holidays and tons of snacks made the spandex a bit tight on your resident superhero. Whoo whoo. Have not seen these numbers on the scale since the early formation days of the Tribe. Good grief, guess kids will do that to a dad. Well it feels good to be lighter entering my fourth Tri season. Tac's always known that to really see good bike times (for tac thats 6 hour IM rides) I needed to drop weight. So that makes anticipation for the upcoming season that much sweeter.

Man, I gotta update my side bar soon. The plate spinning quotient is a tad high right now, but Tac does see some breathing room in sight! Have a great weekend!

Tac out

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Cant fight this feeling any longer

Well if you have stopped over at, you've realized that the smokin hot Trimama is taking on her second Ironman challenge in Arizona.


Apprently Iron Jenny is in for the ride as well. Tac should have a good time cheering them on as the official sherpa at the Fall IMAZ 08. Correct, Tac is not racing Arizona next year. That was part of the decision that we made regarding Florida as well. The frantic pace of marriage, family and buiness would make dual training for an Ironman to challenging of a task. So we've reached a compromise.

Tac has always wanted to do this race. In fact about 3 months ago he wished he could go, but realized that was now impossible.

Until he recieved an email from TriStud (think local male version of Iron Jenny) who had some interesting race 'opportunities' available. Needless to say, the email went out on Saturday, the confirmation is now at about 90% so Tac is spilling the beans.

The official A race for Taconite Boy in 2008 is HERE!!

Thanks Team Ortho!!!

Tac Out....whoooo hooooo hu uh

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Tac's got news

All he can say right now is that some big stuff just happened (triathlon related) and he's waiting to post the final details until he's able to confirm.

It's taking Tac all of his superpowers to restrain from spilling the beans, but he's gotta wait to confirm.

Dang it

Tac out...and VERY EXCITED