Monday, October 29, 2007


Tac is amazed that it's already here. By the way, he recieved a charity entry into Florida last week and is doing IMFL as well. He figures 4 weeks from IMMoo to TC Marathon and then 4 weeks to IMFL should be just right.

O.K. Taconite boy is a complete liar, but he does kinda wish he could do it. Kinda.

Mama's getting all the last household details together before we leave on Friday morning and Tac's making sure houses are getting painted while he's gone.

Tac has several goals for this weekend...

1. Strip wetsuits like nobody's business. I'm mean, sorta lean and a stripping machine.

2. Enjoy first time blogger meet and greets with the likes of Bigun and the Mrs., Lana and Tridaddy?

3. Swim with said friends in the ocean with wetsuits ect.!

4. Watch the best football game of the century (Pats vs. Colts) on Sunday afternoon with Mama, suds and friends!

Speaking of good partying, Mama and Tac want to start off the weekend with a meet up at the Host Hotel on Friday night (assumes racers will be hunkering down in preparation). May include finding a good watering hole as well :)

Where: Boardwalk Hotel 7:00 pm Friday

Contact Tac or Mama by email to exchange vitals!

Rest well racers, Tac and Mama will be cheering you on!!

Tac Out...and ready to enjoy another Ironman event!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Mile 19

Wello oh well oh well (as Jack White would like to say).

Man that's hot.

Tac's nearing the end of 4 weeks straight of work (including weekends).

One of the houses he's been at have been filled with these colors...

This is a crappy iphone photo, (why yes, Tac does have an Iphone..hehehe) just imagine the intensity about 5x from what your seeing. These colors are all over the main area of the house.


Have'nt done one things since the Twin Cities Marathon, other then savor it, in the last 2 1/2 weeks. Probably good, because the Tac machine has been devoting all that energy elsewhere.

Have a good weekend.

Tac out

Monday, October 15, 2007

Half time entertainment

14 days of work in a row. Wait. Tac did have one day off last Sunday

The day he ran a Marathon.

He did escape to see this on Friday night!

He's got another 14 in a row coming up. (no marathon though...dang it) Then things settle down a bit.

So for now hope you enjoy this...

Tac out

Sunday, October 07, 2007


It was hot, humid and long but Tac finished!


Race report to follow (some time soon)

Tac out

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Go Tac Boy!

Alright. All the run junk is together. Dialed up the nutrition for a 3 or 4 or close to 5 hour run.

Tac is just darn excited and a bit nervous. He really wanted to do this race last year, so just being able to start and compete in this event is way cool.

Trimama update: She is doing o.k. Still in some pain and not able to really put alot of pressure on her leg. If we don't see major improvement by Monday it's probably in for an MRI to determine what's up.

Tac is sad for Trimama. She was really looking forward to this and other marathons to qualify for Boston, and this whole injury makes that seem very far away. So this race is bittersweet.

Any spectators, or racers tomorrow this is what the caped wonder is wearing.

Black shorts
White sleeveless shirt with TACONITE BOY cartoon printed on it. No sleeves of course to display the tat ;)
Ironman Wisconsin Finisher Hat...of course.

Tac out....and looking forward to seeing the local tri homies tomorrow!!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Mara What????

So I'm doing this in two days.

How the H E double hockey sticks does your tri caped wonder get into these situations. Oh that's right, Trimama was attempting to fly like a justice league veteran. She would have of course, but for the rascally little peddle cage.

Dang it.

Tac had just spent six days straight working hard and was on his way home to enjoy his tribe and Mama with her new bike.

Ring Ring
'Tac!" "I crashed on a bike and blew my knee out, screaming pain, get over here!"

Quickly assuming hero like mode, Tac raced over to the bike shop picked up Mama, instantly supplied her with necessary pain medications (ok we stopped at home) and had her at the Urgent Care in a single leap.

Tac debated bringing it up. How does one approach this subject tactfully?(get it)

Medications, heavy ones will do.

Once Mama was in the waiting room and had that smile that only good barbiturates can bring. He went for it.

"So, do you mind if I take your number and just run for a couple hours in the Marathon?"

"No, not at all"

Mama took Tac's number last year and used 18 miles of the TCM for a training run for IMFL. Tac's blown out IT Band wouldn't let him compete, so Mama was able to enjoy the beauty of the Marathon, without the need to finish.

Tac is approaching this race exactly the same. Two hours into the run, all knees, joints and other parts will be assessed and then further racing commitments will be addressed. Same during the third and hopefully not to much of a fourth hour.

Four weeks ago Tac finished the Ironman, took two weeks off, did a 5 mile and 10 mile run last week and is now tapering...AGAIN.

Well this should be interesting...

Tac out....and really liking his iPhone.