Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Where's the kid?

The tribe, Trimama and I were at a local sporting goods store when we came upon this box.

"Yes honey lets go riding.  Do you know where the baby is?  I thinks she's in her 'Fun Run Sports Stroller'.  Its really to bad that doesnt work with our bicycles.  Yeah...maybe we should have thought about that before we bought it....Oh well...Hope she enjoys that nookie!"

Columbia Sports Marketing Division MIGHT need to rethink that box.

All is well in the Tmama/Tacboy house.  We just completed our first 1/2 Iron together on Sunday.  It is always a good day when I spend most of my time behind Trimama :)))

Preatty busy month coming up here.  Tac will be training with his buddy Tri-ThunderKraugt as he prepares for IMWisconsin in September.  We have a 4000 yd swim/100 mile bike to do this Saturday.  Taking the girls (Soap and Hypen to Millwacky, WI to check out that city with my Sister and her new Bo.  Im also preatty stoked to see one of my favorite bands in Downtown Mpls this month 'needtobreathe'.  Hypen, Mama and swinging girl will be in attendence for that one.  

Bigun and I are recording episode 12 as we speak.  Quick interview with Suplinds and few other ditties.  Should be fun.

Happy racing and training out there!


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Episode 11 is Up

Well we finally finished our Ironman Couer d' Alene post race podcast.  Hope you enjoy...

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Being the iPhone freak that I am....

I stupidly sold my iphone today...aaannnd forgot to check if ALL the Apple stores had sold out of the new 3G models.

Dang it.

Back to the 1 dollar ebay phone until they get in stock. :( Bwahhh

Till then Ill just watch this very funny video...


Monday, July 07, 2008

Ironman Coeur D Alene Race Report - The Swim

Wow. Just to busy to really keep the posting up. According to MDot Bigun I have been sucked into the posting hell vortex. Not true, just posting alot less until I feel more inspired to do so. It's funny the obligation I feel towards blogging that I don't need to have. It's my blog...I'll post when I can...BIGUN!

Speaking of annoying but loveable big guys, Tac and BigMeister are in the middle of recording THE post Ironman podcast and he suddenly jumps town for a week. Therefore, no podcast for at least 2 more weeks. I do promise it will be fun to listen to though.

Race report.

I was far under-trained for this Ironman compared to Wisconsin last year. Getting sick in Early April took 3 weeks off my training and I came to Wildflower very under-trained, especially for the run. The good news was that I had dropped 25 pounds since competing in Wildflower the year before. No question that helped as I PR'd by over 20 minutes.

I think it really hit me when I got back from Wildflower that 140.6 miles was staring at me. This being the second one, I think I was too comfortable with the distance knowing that I had done it once before. That seemed to fade as I got within 6 weeks of the race. Suddenly every workout was focusing on June 22nd. Every thought about nutrition was based around what I would do on Sunday.

Coming up to Couer D Alene I had really only done 2 long runs (15 and 17) of which the first one was horrible and the second one was strong. As I flew out on Thursday for Spokane, I felt fine about the swim, strong on the bike and quite worried about my run.

The meet o peeps over the weekend were awesome. It was so good to meet people I had read, interviewed or just heard about. As Bigun pointed out to me, I was quite subdued and focused on Saturday at one of our meet ups near the swim course. I just wanted to start the race, I was tired of waiting for the inevitable.

Its funny how race morning felt just like Wisconsin all over again. Nervous, excited and totally ready to get it on. Ironically Bigun and I ran into each other at the porta potties. He, Greyhound, Blink and I suited up at 630 and headed down to the beach. Eminem started playing, all of the sudden everything became like a blur to the water. I observed nervous faces, people being coached with last second tips, and lots of jumping up and down. We waited on the beach and then suddenly...Bang. I swear I never even thought about the water temp when we dove in. The cool water was the least of my concerns as the swim became increasingly crowded as we approached the first buoy. IMWI was not even close to this crowded on the first loop. Holy was pure neoprene avoidance drills for the first 10 minutes. Once we came around the mid point the group started to disperse slightly. I was feeling fine. Probably more worried about the heavy cloud cover that came over us during the second loop, wondering what waited for us on the bike.

Exited the water at 1:24: something. Slightly dissappointed with this time. I was hoping for sub 1:20, but no biggie. I was done with the Ironman Swim I DO NOT HAVE TO SWIM ONE MORE STROKE FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR, unless I want too. :)

Headed into T1. Or should I say a woman headed into my chin in full stride when I turned to look for a wet suit stripper. She apologized, but I swear I could not open my mouth for the first 20 minutes of the bike. Hey It's Ironman what ya gonna do!

Bike and Run to come.

But first, from the production studios of Hypen Girl Inc. Comes 'My Dad did another Ironman and all we got was this vacation' video. Actually she brought me to tears by making this for me, it was awesome. Thanks Baby!