Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Update Time

Time is so short, posting has become very difficult (other then begging for donations). I have had several very preliminary interviews recently, but still have a ways to go before a career changing job is at hand. The Tribe is bouncing along nicely with a few bumps here and there, but no major blowouts. The painting business is what it is, very demanding. The podcast has been a great way to blow off steam. I hope you have enjoyed, I know I like putting them together with the.bigun.

6 Weeks to Wildflower, the hardest 1/2 ironman distance in the world. Seems like every bike ride I have to do inside (snow..urrrr) makes nasty grade that much scarier. Nasty grade is a section of the race at around mile 40 that requires you to stand (or you'll go backwards) and pedal for at least 5-8 minutes straight. I need Trimama's wonder-woman like lasso to have Greyhound pull me up. The Minnesota weather is supposed to become hospitable by late next week, will see. I have a 4 hour ride on the trainer on Sunday. (sounds of weeping) But...I did sign up for all this pain, so it's completely my fault :)

I am really looking forward to the Wildflower experiencer. I love visiting California and the company will be lots of fun. 7 weeks after that race is IMCDA. In the middle of all this might be a job change and some other big family changes. When more details emerge on the latter one, I promise to share quite prolifically.

Here some shots from Easter...we had a lovely time with family. One of my niece's pointed out near the end of the evening that when our family gets together no one is watching the clock for the time to leave, we just love getting together. I'm very thankful for that, and it's a tribute to my parents.

Of course the always smoking hot Trimama...

Removing Crustations from Choppers' ear...ewww

Soap, Urp and Hypen


Happy Training


Monday, March 24, 2008

Episode 6...Bigun talks to much...

New podcast is up! Click on the side bar link to subscribe (there's even a version for you non iTunes people) (you know who you are)


Sunday, March 16, 2008

Team Ortho....I need some help!!!

First, Tac wants to thank those who have already donated to my Janus site for Team Ortho!

Second Tac just realized that he REALLY needs your help.

As I said in the last post, Ironman is a disorder...

Could you please help enable my insanity by helping raise funds for Team Ortho. A non-profit organization that helps fund orthopedic research.

In 2006, with the support our members, sponsors, donors, and races, Team Ortho Foundation donated $18,000 to support bone, joint, spine and infection research at three orthopedic research organizations: The Minneapolis Medical Research Foundation, the Orthopedic Research and Education Foundation, and the Orthopedic Trauma Association Research Fund. Team Ortho also provides grants for amputee kids and adults to participate in Team Ortho events.

This is a great organization that not only helps research orthopedic advances, but helps promote healthy lifestyles for everyone by sponsoring family friendly run and walk events.

I NEED YOUR HELP. YOU WILL ENABLE MY CRAZY PURSUITS TO FINISH THIS IRONMAN ONLY IF I RAISE $2500.00 FOR TEAM ORTHO. I am already in heavy training for this event, but I need you to help me cross the finish line.

250 donors of 10.00 would reach my Goal

125 donors of 20.00 would reach my Goal

50 donors of 50.00 would reach my Goal


Any donor of 250.00 or more receives a free Ipod shuffle!

Any donor of 500.00 or more gets a free ipod Nano!


Please donate at this link.

Any amount you could help with would be awesome!



Sunday, March 09, 2008

Ironman's a disorder...

It really should be classified as a disorder. First presenting stage is when an individual decides he or she should train and complete one. Second stage is after training and completing the Ironman, the victim blanks out all memories of early morning swims, major cramps, rolling on the painful roller thingy and overall complete exahustion/never ending sore spots and starts to plan the NEXT ONE. The third stage presents itself when the said individual no longer speaks of the Ironman in terms of finishing, but now starts to talk in terms of racing and qualifying times (note TacBoy does not see stage three presenting any time soon).

I'm absolutely in stage two right now. Most days I'm glad I signed up and most days I do ask why I'm doing all of this. This topic came up on our latest podcast and I found myself really wanting to discuss why we do this crazy distance.

1. I do it for the challenge-I'll never forget the first time I went to IM Wisconsin and watched my first race. One word...awe. The distance, the determination, the hours of training all leading to this one day. One very Hot and sticky day. I didnt think I would sign up for one the next year, but that is now history. (Bigun.... I don't know if you know, but I'm and Ironman now)

2. I do it for the relationships. I think this is almost tied with number one. I love the people I've met. From multi Ironman finishers who inspire me to push harder, to first time sprint triathletes who are so excited to take on their first tri challenge. I love the Wednesday night rides, the sunday morning runs, sharing the lows and highs with the blogosphere. Meeting up in person with my dozens of creepy internet friends! (you know who you are) It all rocks!

3. I do it for my marriage....After my last post that might sound like a crock, but it's not. Trimama and I have grown so much closer because of this sport. We have taken on the challenges as a couple and get to enjoy many new relationships together as well.

4. I do it for my health. This could be considered oxymoronic. Nuff said

Those are four reasons, how about you?


Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Episode 5 is up!

Hope you enjoy, click on iTunes link in the sidebar to subscribe.

Check out the photos too! :)