Thursday, July 26, 2007

House cleaning.....

IMMoo training is in full swing and posting is not, so I have a few items to attend to...

Congratulations goes out to T-Storm and Bob for their stellar finishes at IMUSA. Way to go guys. The whole tribe and I screamed when you crossed the finish line! Especially proud of T-Storm who had suffered this year with lots of injuries and illness and still finished Iron Strong!

Way to go Tri-Dummy for being an honrable grandson and great example to your family for honoring your grandmothers last wish.

Way to go Iron Jenny for defending and debating your faith, then being humble enough to apologize and reconcile with your opponent.

Shout out to Kahuna for his authentic piece in the LA times, albeit very short on honorable examples of people of faith, it was an honest view into his soul. Mustard seed...apparently that's all thats needed. Mark 9:24-25

Way to go

Shout out to Trimama....For just being so Smoking Hot.

Such a cute bootay dear..Speaking of backsides, Tac needs a bubble butt.

Tac does, he needs a big old bubble butt. Training has been kicking my bootay for the last several weeks and the hither regions are starting to get quite sore. No IT Band issues (which is awesome) but Tac's hips and gluts are quite sore. I feel that God left me more a gluteus mininimus in my genetic pool as opposed to maximus. This thought occured to me when I was looking at photo's of Lifetime Fitness Tri last year. What I noticed the most about the pro's was that the women and men (although Tac seemed to be stuck and the females) had really big round booties. I think that is a key physical feature to being a good triathlete. Nothing scientific here, just hunch, or hump...oh boy.

Either way Tac is going to maximize his derierre in the off season to help reduce the stress he puts on his hip flexors and IT bands. I'm going to get me a big old bubble butt!

Tac out...and 45 days from Iron.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

More Pics from Colorado...

Tri-Dummy, Sascha and Trimama talking over carbo dinner before Triple By-Pass

Kahuna and Mama bringing Tac his refreshments

Chopper leading the troops up the mountain

Climbing at Copper Mountain

Hangin with (L to R) Soapinator, Superpounce, Hypen-Girl and Swinging Girl

The Tribe minus Hypen (Mama knows the Iron Swag makes Tac all bothered)

Colorado was good. Very good. Quite mornings at Starbucks with Mama, afternoon climbs up the sides of mountains and lots of time just hangin around with the kids. Not to mention Blogger reunion 2007 part 2. Seeing so many bloggers at WIBA, then flying out west to meet up with so many more was quite the rockin time. One night out we were all discussing the uncofortable conversations we have had with friends who find meeting up with people "we met on the internet" a very odd past time. We concluded...who freakin cares, we all love these new friendships!

Up next...Bubble Butt Discussion time.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Reversion...There is hope

Several years ago Tac graduated college with a BS in Psychology. With the wisdom that he gained from this education, Tac is going to diagnose his metro sexual friend from the OC with psychological reversion issues. This diagnosis is not done easily, but after witnessing an episode in Colorado, he feels it's the only loving thing to do. Reversion is the state where adults look inward to their perceived inner child, sometimes acting out this mental process. The presentation of symptoms sometimes occurs when said individual is in proximity with other males of higher studliness, as was the case when he hung out with Taconite Boy, and suddenly feel a sense of inadequacy and dependence.

Taconite Boy had to ask the tribe to scurry inside when these pictures were taken. He was hoping to help them avoid any long term scars. Look at your own reverting risk...

You'll notice in this presentation of symptoms that he's wrapped the ducky around his torso in order to mimic the mother like nurturing that he needs during this stressful time.

Here the presenting disorder is even more intense as Iron Wil's sidekick is looking for even more affection, much like a young boy needing his mommy.

Intervention was truly required. Taconite boy decided what OC boy needed was to feel more like a man, and what says MAN then putting on a good old cowboy hat...

Do you see in this picture how Tac's affirming thumbs up gives his friend a sense of pride. Look at his face, it glows with the realization that his shortcomings are not his undoing. Even Greyhound senses the good vibes that Tac gives off.

Helping metro-sexual's realize that falling short of being a superhero does not mean they are of less value to the tri-community around them. All it means is that their not a superhero.

Tac out...and keep his friend in your thoughts...

Thursday, July 12, 2007

WIBA conclusion

Saturday Continued...

After the tough afternoon in the heat we headed back for showers and then out for dinner at a great brew pub in downtown Madison. The best part of that dinner was the agreement with the ride group(Walchka, Luke, Tac and TTK) that we were surprised by the bike course, but knew how to train for the next 8 weeks. The good beer, food and laughs didn't hurt either.

Luke, TTK and Ryan listening to Coach Mike.

Sunday Morning..

Tac on his way out of Madison

Stopping for a pic at the lake

Taking a final look at Monona before September 9th.

The run was set 1.5 hours earlier to 7:30 because of the heat. Overall good run, with great company. I swear Robby B was our personal tour guide. He was explaining countless land marks and describing Ironman details throughout the first loop of the course. Thanks Rob! Tac will be rehearsing those notables to distract from the pain on Sept 9th!

Headed out to Endurance House after the run for some bike maintenance and final good bye's. The weekend was very busy, but very helpful in the training. Big Thanks go out to Iron Wil for putting all the organizing pieces together, Simply Stu and Robby B for their wonderful Madison hosting and the sponsors at BMC, Hammer and Cycle Ops.

Time to train on some hills, who's with me?

Tac Out

Monday, July 09, 2007

Friends...It's a good thing

It's amazing how the experience of Ironman has created so many new relationships in this superhero's life. What a blessing. Leaving WIBA this weekend left Tac with the realization that he's not only looking forward to getting this race on, but also to seeing so many good friends complete one of the great physical feats of their lives.

Kinda like when Tri Sara Tops did this..

Just blew the digital dust off some old files in IPhoto and found this little movie! That's what makes this community so unique. Experiencing such awesome achievements with many people we've never met before. Hi Sara Tops, I'm Trimama and your an Ironman! That's cool.

The weekend that was Wisconsin Ironman Brick Adventure 2007.


Tac and his trusty Sidekick Tri Turbo Kraut arrived late Friday afternoon into Madison. Yep..sure enough, as soon as I saw Lake Monona the nerves kicked in. Chatted a bit with Wil at the Cycle Ops clinic and met up with an old Iron Volunteer friend Walchka, met a new friend in Ryan and then headed over to the Sheraton to settle in.

TTK decided to lay low while your resident caped wonder headed of to Monona to get smoked in a late afternoon swim with Simply Stu. Dang he's fast, or he's got some sort of Hd TV tucked in that 2XU suit somewhere. Nice swim, but could have used nose plugs due to the 10 million pounds of chum that seemed to be deposited right in front of Monona Terrace :( ewww. Regardless when your with Stu your feelin the love.

Finished the night at a fine Italian establishment, that was overwhelmed by the numbers we had. They were planning on 20 and ended up with about 60. Met up with Walchka again, also got to meet Luke from the Twin Cities and caught up with Rural girl, Bolder and met Coach Ricci. Good old Tri love was had by all.

As usual TTK is in the lower right corner taking a call from chief...discussing our next mission...sadly, even a superhero sidekick's life does not allow for too much personal time...


Tac slept poorly, followed by that sinking feeling that today was going to be tough. It's hard to explain, fear or maybe stress from the week, or just the idea of going this distance was really playing head games. Lots of tossing and turning. We headed over to the swim start at 6:30 where TTK jumped in and tac held off, figuring the ride/run off would be enough for me was.

Clipped in by the north Helix of Monona Terrace at 9:00. The temperature was already climbing into the mid 80's. God bless Stu, but he did say in his course preview video that the road out to Verona was fairly flat...Stu is a liar. Tac of course means that in a loving, friend sorta way, but he is lying. The course IS NEVER FLAT. ANYHOW, we took the ROLLING hills out to Verona and began the first loop. I new we were in for a treat when the first right turn onto the double 40 mile loop went straight up. Then Down. Then Up. Then Down. Then rolling. Then Up. Then get the point. Wisconsin is a rolling course, which never allows you to get into a good clean rhythm. Your constantly changing gears and shifting in order to get ready for the next set of undulating road.

The lack of rhythm is the one big key that Tac takes from this weekend's ride. That will be constantly in the back of his mind. Training on these types of courses will be the goal from here on out.

There was talk (quite foolishly) that we would go the full 112 even though no plan's at the table called for that kind of ride. Yet when TTK's on board temp gauge read 104 from road surface heat, we decided that this was sucking and we needed to head back. Finished the course with one loop and came in around 74 miles. Ran off for about 40 minutes around Monona and looked a little like this by the end....

The TacPlane is taking off in about 25 minutes for denver and the tribe, so more later...having good camaraderie was important after that ride.

So they have hills there in Wisconsin

Quick post to say that WIBA was a grand time with old and new friends. Great hosts. REALLY hot weather and a bike course that was more challenging then even Tac's superhero senses imagined.

More later...

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

HD Destruction-Part 4

The Chief's door flies open with a "bang" and in run Taconite Boy and his trusty workout partner Tri-Turbo Kraut (their HR's well below LT)...

Chief: It's about time you got here - what took so long, eh?

Taconite Boy: It's Tri-Piddler, Chief, and he's escaped - he knows my weakness - he hit me with HD.

Chief: "HD"? HD? That's it? Snap out of it, TB, we've got work to do! (eh)

Looking over the Chief's shoulder, TB spies a 50" flatscreen plasma sporting crystal clear high definition ESPN (the TDF, no less)...TB goes into a trance.

Chief: TB...TB!

Tri-turbo Kraut - there he goes again, it's the HD, that damn Piddler!

Chief: Well do something, missy!

TTK pulls a 16oz water bottle from his utility belt (full of a special accelerade/gatoraide/cytomax mix) and throws it full force at the TV, smashing the screen into little HD bits...Taconite Boy instantly snaps out of it.

Chief: What the HE-double-hockey-sticks...TB, who's going to pay for this; that TV was $4,000 Canadian!?!?!

TB: C'mon Chief, you got every toy made, two bikes, both top of the line carbon, high end coffee maker, the grill of grills (angel choir singing in the background), house smak dab in the middle of triathlon-central - you can afford a new TV and you know it. Now where's the crybaby bonk artist?

(posted by Bigun)

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Holy unmixed gatorade Tac Boy (part 3)

The chief still thinks I'm a woman! exclaimed Trithunder kraut. So much for the male enhancement regimen. As he deftly throws the bottle over his shoulder.

Great balls o hot flashes ThunderKraut, those aren't male enhancement pills, those are Trimama's cellulite busters. In a pre-post-peri menopausal narcoleptic haze Trimama succumbed to late night QVC disease.

Holy busted gu packs Tac Boy, is it contagious? wiping his hands violently against his spandexed thighs.

Deadly. Must.... avoid.....HDTV..... Tac Boy exerts his superpowers to telepath the remote to his hands, with deep inner angst and conflict. There was work to do, and athletes to save, but the Tac meister had been spinning and grinding all week, and the mere suggestion of plasma nirvana was kryptonite to his mortal soul.

Holy mother of analog Tac Boy, we don't have time for televsion right now... damn that's a sweet resolution.

Unbeknownst to Tac Boy and Thunder Kraut, their arch nemesis Tri-Piddler has escaped the asylum and had taken up secret residence in the Tac-o-lair. Knowing the achilles like grip of rest upon all training athletes lives, The Piddler would use their own folly against the super duo. He had stealthily replaced the Tac Lair's antiquated set with a HD 1080p super system with digital surround......The Piddler had them now......

(posted by Trimama)

Part 2

...and then a brilliant light beamed across the moonless sky.

TB - look Tri-Turbo Kraut, it's the TacoBeacon!

TTK - I see it, ya big lug - what about the recently escaped convict Tr...

TB - not now, my little blonde Krautie-poo, we have a more urgent mission! To the Tacocave!

TTK - What cave, Gu-for-brains?

TB - The basement, oh Master-Race'd One, and hushnay on the no cave-ay, capishe?

Our heros run at IM pace+ to the basement to get on the Tacommunicator to the Chief...

TB - Chief! How can we be of service?

Chief - First, TB, keep in mind that you don't choose the race, the race chooses you - we have an imminent bonk with possible tears in Boulder, get in your Trimobile and high-tail it right over here ASAP, eh?

TB - Wilco, Chief, Turbo-Hunn and I will be right there!...Honey, fire up the mini-v...I mean, Tri-mobile!

Tri-Turbo Kraut - But what about Tr..

Chief: What's she talking about?

TB - I don't know, chief...ever since the wall came down, she hasn't been herself.

Chief: Just get up here, fast - eh!

(posted by Bigun)