Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Tac's just sayin

There seems to be some friction at work lately. He's preatty sure it has something to do with either envy or irritation regarding Ironman accomplishments. It's not like when Tac's working he wears it on his slee...

Maybe Tac does have the Greyhound schwag-whore disease?

Tac out...and be careful bragging out there Ironmen

UPDATE Trimama has changed her blog location. Point your browser here


Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Can't tell what Tac likes more...the Thanksgiving/Jessi Ventura like boa or the hat...hmmmm

What Taconite Boy can tell you is that the tribe is ready and were heading down to trot our turkeys all over your a__. Either that or were just going to join about 8000 other people and 'gobble!gobble!" our way through the 5k tomorrow. I dont think you can miss us in these...

Local bloggers and friends join us here after said festivites!

Dunn Bros. Minnetonka Mills

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Tac out...and have a great Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Turkey Trot 07

Were heading out for the Turkey Trot on Thursday morning. Mama, Tac and the Tribe are heading down with other local bloggers, then heading over to Minnetonka Mills Dunn Bros. after the race. Join us if you can!

Tac out

Monday, November 12, 2007

I'm not a multi-tasker..

Well at least that's what one of my most junior employees (and nephew) told me several years ago. He stated this after Tac had forgotten to bring some item to the job site that morning. Tac loves employes, they make him money, they usually become friends and he can count on them to never understand how complex, hectic and crazy the life of running a business is.

Well all the multi-tasking super-powers will be needed for the next few months. The hunt for the new job has begun with preparation and training commencing this week. Within 6-8 weeks Tac will begin sending out the resume to prospective companies. While radically changing careers takes loads of mental courage and energy, Paradise Painting has it's many various demands. Jobs to find (in a fairly slow market), payroll to meet, projects to manage and bills to pay (Trimama's going shopping). A tad overwhelming...Maybe my nephew is slightly right :(

Tac wrote this favorite quote on the chalkboard in the kitchen several months ago...

There is one way to love God,
To not take a single step without Him
and to follow with a brave heart
wherever He leads.

Totally dig that.

Sense a theme here?

Taken by Simply Stu in lake San Antonio-Wildflower 2007

Version 2

Taken by Bigun in Gulf of Mexico-Ironman Florida 2007

Theme is...Tac's a fortunate fella

Tac out...and have some plans for local homies on Turkey day!!!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

What a weekend

Tac Plane landed late last night, wheels down and back to the secret identities of jobs, kids and general life stuff. Which is quite fine because this weekend was the reward to much hard work and money in the bank for the next several months of responsibilities.

Did Tac mention he loves Bigun and Di even more now? What a couple. We as couples slept little, played hard and generally had a rocking good time. Here's some pics of the adventure... (many taken by the Bigun's)

Trimama enjoying the not-so-Minnesota weather

Tac Boy enjoying some of Mama's angelic state of being.

This is IronTriTim who was motivated to do this race by Kahuna and the Get your Geek on Podcast. He followed the blogs and commented occasionally. One of Tac's favorite parts of the weekend is when Tim wanted the cape wonder to deliver a message to Kahuna, to say thanks for motivating him to Iron. Tac gave him one better, within a minute Kahuna was on the phone with Tim. Tac thinks he saw Mama tear up a little when Tim conveyed to Kahuna how his influence was a huge factor in him becoming an Ironman.

Cool or what?

When we were leaving the coffee shop on Monday morning, we all encouraged Tim to start his own blog.

IronTriTim is here. Visit often and leave bloggy love!

O.K. Tac is sounding off. You ask, why are there plastic cups on top of all the taps at the bar? It can't be that a bar IN THE HOST HOTEL, ON THE BEACH would not have enough beer for Ironman weekend. Yeah, those Ironmen are too health conscience to consume adult beverages.

Alas, by the evening of race day (Saturday) the main miro brew was out, and by Sunday afternoon (during THE football game) the cheap crap ran out too. Overall the redneck Rivera, also know as Panama City Beach pretty much lives up to it's name when talking cuisine and good drinks. Just about every eating venue we visited, with the exception of a good Mexican joint was fairly awful and under staffed.

Trimama and I laughed when one of the waitresses said she finds it insulting that so many people think they are only open when big conventions or Ironman's come to town. She stated that there open year round catering to all kinds of people.
Hummm could people be asking that because every time we come down to visit it looks as though the Hotel manager just figured out Ironman is in town and he better grab 1 extra keg for the weekend along with roping in his nephew to be 'the only' cook in the kitchen?

Ironically, the one place that was both good and consistent. The Waffle house. Some of our friends called it the Aweful house, but Tac liked very much! Wish they had more of those around the Midwest.

Apparently Iron Jenny loves those eggs too. :)

Tac out

Saturday, November 03, 2007

The Tac machine is ready to strip...

Only to find out when arriving that the peelers at IMFL are full. So Trimama with the help of Tac's superpowers (a volunteer shirt) are going to show up anyway because Tac will not be denied.

Had a great meet up time last night with the Bigun's, the Lana's and our local tri homies!

For Trimama and Tac arriving back at Panama City Beach was full of emotion. We could not stop talking about every little store, beach marker and boardwalk that reminded us of last year. To the point where poor old metro boy, Kahuna even got a emotion laden call from us as we passed the tattoo parlor. Tac won't lie...He was a little 'Ferklempt

Last year's Ironman would stand alone in Trimama's life as a defining moment of just personal achievement, but it was so much more. We as a couple had been through a very difficult 9 years of a heart wrenching cycle of pain, recovery, repeat. We love our kids, we're thankful for the occupations God's given us, but we needed something tangible to reach for. Something that was not as weighty as life, but still epic in scope. Triathlon fit that bill nicely. The pursuit towards Ironman Florida yielded the fruits of so much more then an Iron metal. We as a couple grew in our love for each other, God, and for the many new friends and bloggers we had met along the way.

Panama City Beach is reminding us of how blessed we are!

Tac has also just been reminded it's time to go by Trimama


Tac out