Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Tac's not a Stripper...He's a Professional Stripper.

According to Madison Nightly News Tac Boy is more then just a Stripper...

Posted Sunday, September 7, 2008 --- 1:45pm

I'm sure we've all heard that time is money.

So what keeps Ironman **volunteers** coming back?

As N-B-C 15's Barclay Pollak reports -- it may not be what they get but more so what other people lose.

You could say that Brian Holmes of Minneapolis is a professional stripper.

He says, " We can probably get somebody stripped in about 20-seconds."

For four years Holmes, a small business owner, has helped people take off their wet suits at the first transition in Madison's Ironman competition.

He says he has one of the most popular positions at the race.

Holmes says, " It's a popular position because you get to strip people."

"According to Holmes it's not as easy as it looks taking off peoples clothes. Actually he says there's a very specific technique that he uses."

He says, "The key is to get their zipper down first and then we get their arms off as fast as we can with out our fingernails digging into them too bad. Then we peel off their arms and then we have them sit down and we call it the yank. Two of us on each side of their hip grab them and just rip it."

According to race organizers the competition couldn't happen without Holmes and the other volunteers working as hard as they do.

Ed Koehl the Ironman's Volunteer Organizer says, " You know really there's just a lot of people in the area that want to help make this event work."

You can bet your bottom dollar that Holmes will be back next year helping athletes slip out of their wet suits.

Koehl also says about 25-hundred athletes participated in this years Ironman and about 35-hundred people volunteered.
TacBoy is sure there was video of this whole interview, but he can't seem to find it on the website.  

Congratulations to Tri Thunder Kraut, my training partner, who not only finished IMMoo but beat Tac's time.  Great race buddy!


Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The Blue Period

Episode 13 is up! We called it the Picasso episode because we are feeling a bit blue.

I think we still managed a fairly good show(I hope).



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