Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Oh sure...I'm here for ya Trimama

Typical fall day. Blue bird skies, mellow breeze and a small passing early fall thunderstorm. The trimama is embarking on one of her epic rides in preparation for IMFL. I'll let her give you the 'training' report if she wants, but in case some details of her day are neglected, I have the equalizer..... MY OWN BLOG!!!

Taconite Boy had three jobs going at once, one new employee to interview, two estimates to finish and a huge entertainment center to distress and age with lacquers. So, a typical day for boy wonder here.

Ring Ring

Tac boy "Hello?"

Trimama "(breathlessly) Hi, where are you?"

'Where are you' is phrase Tac Boy knows too well. She doesn't really care where I am, just if I'm available for rearranging my schedule to do something.

Tac Boy "South Minneapolis, why?"

Trimama "Well do you know how I could bike home from Egan?"

Of course I knew that this meant can you pick me up from Egan because it's going to rain? Like I'm going to stop my major business projects to drive half way across the metro to pick her up. Yeah...I'll just tell her she can wait out the rain storm and finish here ride because I don't have time for this!

Tac Boy "Where do you want me to pick you up?"

Well at least I take a stand when she puts on John Denver at home.

For the record, I did bring Trimama back through torrential rain just in time for the sun to come out for the last half of her ride. I may be entering my off season, but right now I'm all about seeing her get across that finish line in Florida :)

Tac out? Boy wonder out? Crushed rock out....
I'm gonna need to work on a sign out


greyhound said...

Hyphen girl would have said, "Mom, you just need to ride. It might rain at the ironman too." Don't go soft or we'll start calling you "hubby" again.

Here's your sign off: "CRUSH ME!"

Comm's said...

you are so busted now. No desert for you.

Flatman said...

you do know she reads this, right?

marz_racer said...

OK Tac Boy, you need to back off on John Denver. A little Rocky Mountain High is good for the soul every now and again.

Iron Pol said...

I know how you went from "I'll try a triathlon" to "IM MOO, sure thing." You went to Mad-Town with Trimama. You could have let her fall on the sword and do another one.

Now, her and I will get to strip together in 2007 while you spend your day running around town.

Bolder said...

welcome to blogland!

i'll see you in Florida, and i'll see you at the starting line of Ironman Wisconsin.

trapped in my bloglines, i will be with you everyday.

train hard, train smart.

enjoy your journey to Iron.