Monday, October 16, 2006

Trimama is ready, Ironwil's lacky is odd

Ok. Just got off the phone with the Trimama. She is totally READY! She had just finished a swim with Kahuna, Robo, Comm and Tridaddy (tarheel). She was freaking out last night because she's never race swam in the ocean before. Sounds like this mornings dip was a huge confidence booster.

Iron Wil's side kick requested to talk to me. Kinda Funny....I swear the second sentence out of his mouth was a not so veiled threat to pull my geek captin status if I did'nt post more. Uh....Yeah..well maybe Mrs. Ironwil's sidekick and I should compare notes on what it's like TO LIVE WITH A SPOUSE WHO IS TRAINING FOR IRONMAN. It tends to be a wee bit busy :)

Which reminds me of something I heard last week when I pulled out the Ipod and dialed up the last Get Your Geek On podcast. I do enjoy the show with the ever gracious Iron wil and some other guy. It's funny... I swear that I heard Iron wil's assistant call out the Taconite Boy about my much exaggerated liking of Kelly Clarkson (thx dear). Iron Wil's lesser half stated that my enjoyment of Ms. Clarkson represents serious man card violations. Again...I kinda this funny...coming from a guy who likes to "fit into his skinny jeans" and "has no domestic construction skills".

Well Wil, you gotta work with the hand your delt ;)

Wow this is totally amazing. All of this years focus has been towards this Saturday. The Tri Geek Alliance is going to be just fine, and I can't wait to hug everyone of them after they cross that finish line!

Tac out


greyhound said...

Keep the posts coming if you can. It is so frustrating to be out here in the hinterlands rather than cheering in person.

Iron Pol said...

Comm has also been keeping us up to date. Even the one liners help.

And TriMama has my cell phone number. Feel free to call me and I can help with posting, even if it's in comment sections.

Give the Kahuna some slack, too. There's some tension in the GYGO group, and much of it is understandable.