Thursday, August 09, 2007

What gets you going.

Music is a key part of Taconite Boy's workouts. Thankfully the White Stripes have a new album, but Tac is feeling the need for some new good rockin music. The resident superhero does tilt towards the alternative rock stuff, but at this point in the Iron training is open to any suggestions to just keep him going.

Here is one song that just gets tac movin...


Tac out...and lookin for good music


Sascha said...

While I would not point you towards most of my music, I know several other people besides me who have found the Paul Oakenfold, Perfecto Presents Another World disc set to be great workout motivators. It's a two disc set featuring remixes by Paul Oakenfold. My two favorites are on disc 2, tracks 5 and 10. Try it, you might like it.

greyhound said...

Not exactly kid-friendly but:

Audioslave: Cochise
Rush: Tom Sawyer
Green Day: American Idiot
Nickleback: Animals
Jet: Are You Gonna Be My Girl
'007 Bond Theme
Jet: Cold Hard Beyotch
Cowboys from H3LL
Buck Cherry: Crazy Beyotch
Ozzy: Crazy Train
Metallica: Enter Sandman
Queen: Fat Bottomed Girls
Alice in Chains: Man in the Box
Three Days Grace: Pain
Van Halen: Panama
Guns 'n Roses: Paradise City
Kansas: Point of No Return
Seether: Remedy
Three Days Grace: Riot
Velvet Revolver: Slither
Nirvana: Smells Like Teen Spirit
Trapt: Stand Up
Breaking Benjamin: Diary of Jane
Guns 'n Roses: The Jungle
U2: Vertigo
Kansas: Wayward Son
Ozzy: Zombie Stomp

No need to thank me. I'm here to help.

greyhound said...

Oh, and there is a prodigious amount of Switchfoot in my playlist as well.

tarheeltri said...

Nothing new... but two you might not have heard:

1. Handful of Redemption - Boy Sets Fire
2. Forever Longing the Golden Sunset - Appleseed Cast

And of course, there's

Sleep Now in the Fire - Rage Against the Machine
Pardon Me - Incubus

And how can we forget the greatest biking song of all time...

Machinehead - Bush

MacDaddy said...

I'm a big fan of Less Than Jake for high-intensity workouts. A little ska-punk energy really gets the blood flowing.

Comm's said...

I can't stand White Stripes. but Collective Soul's Better now is good. You gave me the Chemical Brother song which is great.

Your probably got more music than us.

Taconite Boy said...

Thanks everyone for comments. Just a few questions

Sascha-What is most of your music??????

Greyhound-I love Jet

Tarheel-sweet I'll look those up...

Comm-Thanks for your always available opinion :)

Bigun said...

Whenever I get the op to hear music in a workout, I go nuts. Crazy fast bikes, mind-numbing quick runs...but those are rare occasions. Usually I get a song stuck in my head that itsn't very productive, like "ring around the roses", or the Brady Bunch theme...usually I can muster up some Stevie Ray Vaughn to wipe it clear from my mind, but a couple of miles will go by before I even realize I moving to the beat of "jinglebell rock"...

Tri-Dummy said...

A song that gets me going...

Karma Chameleon...Culture Club.

Oh,...and the ones that Greyhound posted.

Tri-Geek Kahuna said...

First, is Tri-Dummy gay?

Second, speaking of gay, I LOVE "Lady Marmalade" by Christina Aguilera and company.


Coach Tammy said...

Wow... bunch o' head-bangers hangin' out here. I like it! ;)

me?... Rammstein, Metallica, Screaming Trees, Eminem, Muse...etc. I recently discovered Oakenfold though, and LOVE it!

A.C. Mork said...

On my Rio:

Muse-Thoughts of a dying athiest
Muse-Take a bow
Soul Coughing-$300
Stereolab-Noise of carpet
Misfits-Where Eagles dare
White Stripes-Girl you have no faith in Medicine
White Stripes-Hardest Button to Button
Ladytron-Destroy everything you touch
Dandy Warhols-Boys Better
Strokes-Is This it?
The Vines- TV Pro
The Vines- Get Free
Ted Leo- Me & Mia
The Avalanches-Frontier Psychiatrist
RATM-Bulls on Parade

The Muse should be used in moderation--I usually end up doing intervals when they comes on.

TJ said...

anything by Foo Fighters.
old school Van Halen.
The Cult.

Tri-Dummy said...

Kahuna...that was cold man. I'm not gay and don't tell me you've never shook your money maker to Karma Chameleon.

Fe-lady said...

Oh wow...looks like Greyhound has a full ipod! and has been amping up the training and decibels!
(My faves are too oldy moldy...jimi, led zepplin, stevie winwood...but they still rock!)

Fe-lady said...

Karma Chameleon? That's sure not a rock-out dancing song...even I know that! Ha!

TJ said...

you've been tagged