Saturday, November 03, 2007

The Tac machine is ready to strip...

Only to find out when arriving that the peelers at IMFL are full. So Trimama with the help of Tac's superpowers (a volunteer shirt) are going to show up anyway because Tac will not be denied.

Had a great meet up time last night with the Bigun's, the Lana's and our local tri homies!

For Trimama and Tac arriving back at Panama City Beach was full of emotion. We could not stop talking about every little store, beach marker and boardwalk that reminded us of last year. To the point where poor old metro boy, Kahuna even got a emotion laden call from us as we passed the tattoo parlor. Tac won't lie...He was a little 'Ferklempt

Last year's Ironman would stand alone in Trimama's life as a defining moment of just personal achievement, but it was so much more. We as a couple had been through a very difficult 9 years of a heart wrenching cycle of pain, recovery, repeat. We love our kids, we're thankful for the occupations God's given us, but we needed something tangible to reach for. Something that was not as weighty as life, but still epic in scope. Triathlon fit that bill nicely. The pursuit towards Ironman Florida yielded the fruits of so much more then an Iron metal. We as a couple grew in our love for each other, God, and for the many new friends and bloggers we had met along the way.

Panama City Beach is reminding us of how blessed we are!

Tac has also just been reminded it's time to go by Trimama


Tac out


Tri-Dummy said...

How did it go???

tarheeltri said...

I'm glad the Ironman experience was such a blessing for you guys on many levels. Both you and trimama are an inspiration to me as a parent. Thanks for sharing everything you do on your blogs!

Steve Stenzel said...

How was it? Hope you had a good time!!

Comm's said...

that was beautiful TB, sniff, sniff. that was really touching.

BTW did tri mama pick up a new IMFL shirt?

Michele said...

It was so great to meet y'all. I had such a great time.

I am really excited about next year and will be driving you crazy with questions about training.

Be nice with picture posting!

IronTriTim said...

Great to meet you both, looking forward to being part of the team for IM FL 08!

I had a really great time.