Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Holding My Own

Well resume building is going well. Tac's been throwing the virgin document before some corporate friends for feed back and refinement. Please be gentle with me.

Not one aspect of the 'changing careers' adventure has been very simple. The cultural shift from manual labor/small business owner to corporate employee is hard to envision and prepare for.

Yet were holding our own. WE meaning Trimama has been a HUGE support through this process, both emotionally, practically and spiritually. Thanks dear.

The Christmas season is moving along nicely, the kids took part in our small church's music program this Sunday. Very cute. We are planning the big family get together next week. Where multiple tribes will descend on Grandmas house. Which always has a nice cinnamon smell on Christmas day. Presents will be opened, good food and wine shared and general thanksgiving for the blessing of family will be the theme. Looking forward to that.

Grandmas house will be making new memories, but Tac's been scanning in some OLD photos of said superhero and a certain Triathlon Mom from their early days. Pictures to appear some time soon. What? Now? O.K. here's one...

Pre-Chopper Pic

Well off to do the 'not training for IMCDA yet/not really base training/more keep in shape from all the Hershey kiss cookies' swim.

Tac out


Brent Buckner said...

Glad you're bracing for culture shock.

All the best for making more happy memories!

greyhound said...

Kari looks the same. You? Not so much.

And how funny that Soap is all jumping off the page while Hyphen and Urp are characteristically steady.

stronger said...

Your wife hasn't aged a day. Who's that guy behind the facial hair? Oh- prior disguise, huh?

IronTriTim said...

As per the previous comments, trimama has not aged at all. Who says IM is not healthy! Good luck with the job hunting.

tarheeltri said...

I love old family pics!

Fe-lady said...

I am in that "Not really training for CDA" mode too...but next week! Sheesh!
Great Photo!
Yeah, Kari doesn't age much over the years, does she!?

Steve Stenzel said...

Great photo. Nice hair!....

Tri-Dummy said...


I need to ponder that photo a little.

The fact that Mama hasn't aged even a little is mind boggling.

The fact that you "landed" Mama looking like that is a testament to that fact that Mama must really love you.

Comm's said...

buddy, you married up is all I can say.

Well, also that you have gotten better looking with age.

Soap looks the same.

Lana said...

You have a beard!

What a great picture!

Lana said...

Ooops..I just looked again and it's not a beard...just a large gotee, right? LOL - maybe someday I'll get brave enough to post some old photos...but I don't look the same like Trimama does!