Friday, May 02, 2008

No swearing this time.

Arrived in the OC on thursday afternoon. Kahuna and Mrs. K were awesome hosts. Good coversation, great food and a beautiful drive at sunset. We were up early Friday and arrived at Wildflower around 10:30. Gave us lots of time to swim, check in and contemplate our challenging day ahead.

Ok So Tac had a little language issue last year when he tackled the Wildflower 70.3 course. He'd never seen hills like that and was not ready. Trimama will sadly attest to this when she heard me get off the bike in transition.

This year's different.

Curly Su, Greyhound and Tacky drove the hills today(Why do they always seem much bigger then I remembered). My goals tomorrow at Wildflower

1. Finish

2. Try to finish faster????

3. Time the bottom of nasty grade all they way to the top by hitting my lap button. Tac promised Iron JenJen he would do that.

4. Find more creative phases on the back half of the bike like, "gee this hill is long" or "wow, I'm suprised how much this hurts". Last year Tac was keeping the phrases to the more brief four letter varieties.

5. Relax on the swim.

6. Soak in the beauty and worship

7. Survive the run :)

Big list, but I'm sure it will get done.



TJ said...

Have a great day out there Tac.

Lauren said...

Our oldest kid's baseball coaches uses "Galdagnabit," "Flagafarfigbit," or other variations when he can't use words of choice.

Good luck.

Jumper 2.0 said...

I've tried switching words but "oh, pancakes" just doesn't have to same ooomph and sounds a little too metrosexual!

Sometimes I wish I was just ignorant of some of the words. I know some little kids that think the f-word is "f-word".

Jumper 2.0 said...

And Good Luck tomorrow.

Wildflower has just got to be a part of my future.

TriBoomer said...

Congratulations on finishing Wildflower.

Stay tuned...

triguyjt said...

good on ya tac!!!

kick those hills asses

IronTriTim said...

Good luck Tac, try the phrase I'm knackered. (From Wiki.. slang expression "knackered" meaning very tired, or "ready for the knacker’s yard"

Lana said...

Hope it went well and you are having a blast!! Give us a report soon!!

Fe-lady said...

Hey congratulations on your sub seven at Wildflower! And I am talking WAY sub 7:00! Way to go...glad you had a great race! Can't wait for your take on the whole experience!
(That was a WHOLE year ago that we met??? How time flies...I guess it's called "fun".)