Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Where's the kid?

The tribe, Trimama and I were at a local sporting goods store when we came upon this box.

"Yes honey lets go riding.  Do you know where the baby is?  I thinks she's in her 'Fun Run Sports Stroller'.  Its really to bad that doesnt work with our bicycles.  Yeah...maybe we should have thought about that before we bought it....Oh well...Hope she enjoys that nookie!"

Columbia Sports Marketing Division MIGHT need to rethink that box.

All is well in the Tmama/Tacboy house.  We just completed our first 1/2 Iron together on Sunday.  It is always a good day when I spend most of my time behind Trimama :)))

Preatty busy month coming up here.  Tac will be training with his buddy Tri-ThunderKraugt as he prepares for IMWisconsin in September.  We have a 4000 yd swim/100 mile bike to do this Saturday.  Taking the girls (Soap and Hypen to Millwacky, WI to check out that city with my Sister and her new Bo.  Im also preatty stoked to see one of my favorite bands in Downtown Mpls this month 'needtobreathe'.  Hypen, Mama and swinging girl will be in attendence for that one.  

Bigun and I are recording episode 12 as we speak.  Quick interview with Suplinds and few other ditties.  Should be fun.

Happy racing and training out there!



Jumper 2.0 said...

They actually trademarked "Fun Run"! I guess we don't want anyone stealing that message!

I can't wait to hear from Trimama on how she is feeling about her IM preparation. I wanted to go out to Arizona to see IM but it's just not looking possible.

Anywho, have fun in Milwaukee, watch out for those Wisconsinites, they are all tense about Favre. Don't wear anything Minnesota. Steal some Wisconsin license plates for while you are there.

Needtobreathe is cool. Definitely like Washed by the Water and More Time, don't know much else about them.

IronTriTim said...

Took me 2 reads to realise what you meant doh!

Danielle in Iowa said...

That box is hilarious!

It was nice meeting you on sunday!

stronger said...

Maybe the stroller runs the baby for you so you can go for a bike ride ??!!

Borsch said...

I love the box....I can't believe there are ad companies and marketing people out there that make those kinds of decisions!

Can I have their job?

TRI-ROB said...

uh Tac?... I'd rather not know about your position preferences... seriously.

Bah ha HA! I crack me up!