Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Getting Closer

Hi anyone who still reads this. Tac Boy here.

Yes I have been off the blogs for quite some time now due to life. The good news is that we are getting very close to a final funding situation with our start up company. The Bad news (although with God as our ultimate Provider there is a disclaimer here) we are destitute financially. :)

Trimama has been a huge support to me during this difficult period and believes in both my vision for where were going as a tribe and in the God who states that He is Good.

Pray for us in Christ's name!


Yep I have begun the Kona training. I'm finding that this time around a reliance on my instinct for what training needs to occur is fine. I have had some long rides already (including the Ironman Wisconsin course) and am working on getting my run miles up. The whole Kona thing is both amazing and perplexing right now. On one hand, what a huge privilege to be the only lottery winner from Minnesota to represent. On the other hand, our financial situation is so precarious right now that thinking of trying to get out to Hawaii in October is quite beyond me. But train I must and train I will.

I am not at full liberty to speak yet, but am excited about some opportunities that may present themselves to me regarding raising charity funds for my race in Kona. I will say that Trimama and I desperately want to adopt at this time and this passion will be the focus of our fundraising through Kona and maybe beyond!

If Bigun would ever call me, I might podcast. Let him know that his preoccupation with his start up company is really getting in the way of the Tacboy n' Bigun Podcast!

Thanks for reading,




stronger said...

You've got lots of friends ready to help pitch in for Kona. Ask and you shall receive...

Bigun said...

His startup company - ha! I edited about 35 minutes of Episode 19 - Po Boys Podcasting - nearly forgot how much fun it is to hear us argue!

SWTrigal said...

Welcome back!! I am sorry to hear of your financial difficulties..this too shall pass. Kona=jealous..

Jumper 2.0 said...

You still have a blog? ;-)

I understand financial difficulties. Except yours is due to a vision, mine is due to stupidity.

Keep us updated on Kona and adoption and I'll be happy to contribute what I can.

Missed not going to your place on the 4th. Hope I see you guys pretty soon!