Sunday, August 02, 2009

Kona, The Tribe, Orphans and God.

All is in place! The Taconite Boy official charity for Kona Ironman World Championships is set up and ready for you to donate.

Yes, some consider Tac fairly direct.

Trimama and Tacky have been busy with alot in the past few years. Startup companies, teenager starting to drive(AHHH), 4 Ironman's, podcasting, blogging, charity raising for SAVE (suicide awareness voices of edcuation) and plenty of other general '4 kids under 15 stuff'. Why should God put any more on our plates?

...cause that's how He rolls. :)

T-mama and I have a very devoted relationship to each other centered in the person of Christ. Since the first days of realizing our relationship was meant for lifelong commitment we desired to follow God wherever He might lead us. The most recent passion that we have been nurturing is adoption. Once the ridiculous aspect of that which is a technology startup company settles down, we hope to begin the process of inter-racial adoption. We figure we have enough kids that look like us. :)

Since a 'lottery' slot to Kona still falls within the sovereignty of God, then obtaining that entry has more significance to us then just the tri-geekyness of it. Don't get me wrong, Kona is going to ROCK, but we desire to use the next 10 weeks to also bring a spotlight to our passion...Adoption.

The MICAH Fund is an adoption grant organization that was formed almost 20 years ago to enable families in need of financial assistance for cross racial adoption. Both Trimama and Tac have friends who have benefited from this fund and our currently raising adopted children of their own.

Some day soon we hope to join our friends in this wonderful calling, but until then we have the honor of racing the most exciting endurance event on the planet and raise funds for orphans at the same time.

Here is the Janus Charity Challenge web page.

Thank you!

Tacky & Trimama (Brian and Kari)


Jumper 2.0 said...

I will definitely donate just as I did for your last Ironman. However, please be patient with me, as I have to get past Angela's 3 day walk first. In other words, it may be a last minute donation.
Have fun in CO (envy inserted here)!

TRI-ROB said...

Brian... I am constantly in awe of your faith and your dedication to your calling. Thank you for sharing.