Monday, February 12, 2007

Tri Whining

I love tri-whining. It feels so good. You may have heard this from me before,

"Sheesh, what a training plan, I think I did 12 hours of training this week and.....blah blah blah"
I'm realizing that the tri-complaint is bit like saying to your buddy,

"Dude, I am starving...I can't belive how hungry I am right now."

As if your looking to your friend for great sympathy because YOU CHOOSE OR FORGOT TO EAT SOMETHING! I probably should stop the tri-whine since I CHOOSE TO TRAIN FOR A FREAKING IRONMAN. I mean no one's forcing me to train like a madman here, mostly self-imposed! Mostly? Well I say that because of an upcoming post about other influences that are moving my path towards Madison. Therefore I will hereby try to refrain (unless I need lots of blog-sympathy) from the dreaded tri-whine. Just for the record, the only thing worse the the tri-whine, is the one up tri-whine,

"Oh you should be grateful you only have 12 hours, my coach has me at 17 hours this week."

This statement combines one-upinism with a dash of tri-whinism....bad form.

Did my V02 max today. I was a little nervous as to how much it was going to hurt, but it was'nt that bad. At this time I really don't get the numbers other then where my zones fall. It's funny, I intuitively was aware of my zones, but this test confirmed it. Worked out with Trimama on Sunday, she wanted my 'expert' advice on how her flip turns looked. I told her they were not so good and got to watch her in her bikini practice over and over....TMI sorry. Actually her first one was in good form, she just needs to overcome the breaking her neck in the shallow end fear thingy and she'll be just fine. :)

Speaking of Trimama, first question after my test today,

"How many levels did you get to?"

"I don't know 10, I think"

"Oh, I made it to 12"

(whistle sound) Trimama! High sticking, 10 minutes in your own penalty box for one-upinism.

Tac out


Bolder said...

um, i did 12 too.

and, um, i brag to little neighbor kids...

um, tell Trimama karma is a bitch!

Iron Pol said...

I haven't even found somewhere to do the testing. For now, it's all time trials and cadence.

It's great that you had the testing done (regardless of how many levels you got to do). The results will be very helpful in guiding your training and making sure you're ready for Wisconsin.

And perhaps Trimama was just setting the stage for Valentine's Day with the flip turns. After all, The Tribe can handle a few hours on their own, I'm sure. (Well, as long as you're ready for any possible aftermath).

Tri-Dummy said...

"only thing worse the the tri-whine, is the one up tri-whine"

Now that's funny...and sadly, true.