Saturday, October 06, 2007

Go Tac Boy!

Alright. All the run junk is together. Dialed up the nutrition for a 3 or 4 or close to 5 hour run.

Tac is just darn excited and a bit nervous. He really wanted to do this race last year, so just being able to start and compete in this event is way cool.

Trimama update: She is doing o.k. Still in some pain and not able to really put alot of pressure on her leg. If we don't see major improvement by Monday it's probably in for an MRI to determine what's up.

Tac is sad for Trimama. She was really looking forward to this and other marathons to qualify for Boston, and this whole injury makes that seem very far away. So this race is bittersweet.

Any spectators, or racers tomorrow this is what the caped wonder is wearing.

Black shorts
White sleeveless shirt with TACONITE BOY cartoon printed on it. No sleeves of course to display the tat ;)
Ironman Wisconsin Finisher Hat...of course.

Tac out....and looking forward to seeing the local tri homies tomorrow!!


Lana said...

You are brave - hope the TCM went well!

Your IMFL '08 sidebar sure makes it seem real...

Hope Trimama's feeling better. I know you guys will take good care of her so I won't remind you to do so. ;)

Spokane Al said...

Good luck on your race and don't forget the vasoline to keep the chaffing down to a minimum in the nether regions.

TJ said...

Good luck in the race.
I'm sure you'll use your super powers to blaze around the course.
Hope Trimama heals up quickly.

21stCenturyMom said...

Have a great race!