Thursday, October 04, 2007

Mara What????

So I'm doing this in two days.

How the H E double hockey sticks does your tri caped wonder get into these situations. Oh that's right, Trimama was attempting to fly like a justice league veteran. She would have of course, but for the rascally little peddle cage.

Dang it.

Tac had just spent six days straight working hard and was on his way home to enjoy his tribe and Mama with her new bike.

Ring Ring
'Tac!" "I crashed on a bike and blew my knee out, screaming pain, get over here!"

Quickly assuming hero like mode, Tac raced over to the bike shop picked up Mama, instantly supplied her with necessary pain medications (ok we stopped at home) and had her at the Urgent Care in a single leap.

Tac debated bringing it up. How does one approach this subject tactfully?(get it)

Medications, heavy ones will do.

Once Mama was in the waiting room and had that smile that only good barbiturates can bring. He went for it.

"So, do you mind if I take your number and just run for a couple hours in the Marathon?"

"No, not at all"

Mama took Tac's number last year and used 18 miles of the TCM for a training run for IMFL. Tac's blown out IT Band wouldn't let him compete, so Mama was able to enjoy the beauty of the Marathon, without the need to finish.

Tac is approaching this race exactly the same. Two hours into the run, all knees, joints and other parts will be assessed and then further racing commitments will be addressed. Same during the third and hopefully not to much of a fourth hour.

Four weeks ago Tac finished the Ironman, took two weeks off, did a 5 mile and 10 mile run last week and is now tapering...AGAIN.

Well this should be interesting...

Tac out....and really liking his iPhone.


bigmike600 said...

Sorry to hear about the Mrs. What a bummer.
I like your idea of running 2 hours and evaluating. No need to hurt yourself. You did just do the full deal a month ago.
Say hi to Pharmie and Steve.

Wendy said...

Good luck, Caped Hero!

greyhound said...

You're taking the Iron Jenny approach. Never train. Just race and taper.

JekuL said...

Good Luck on Sunday! I'll look for you, and you can steal my mountain bike if you need to...Maybe a marathon relay?? J/K. Have fun.

Brent Buckner said...

That's just nuts.
Good that you'll make the concession of evaluating on the course!

tarheeltri said...

Stud. I was out of commission (mentally and physically) for weeks after Ironman Florida.

Pharmie said...

I'll be out there with you, and with just about as much training too!! Maybe I'll see you on the course. What will you be wearing?

Bigun said...

tac will be wearing his "super suit" of course.

all that really matters is his flashy new M-dot tattoo...with it, he can conquer anything...especially a measly marathon.


Tri-Dummy said...

Tear it UP!