Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Update Time

Time is so short, posting has become very difficult (other then begging for donations). I have had several very preliminary interviews recently, but still have a ways to go before a career changing job is at hand. The Tribe is bouncing along nicely with a few bumps here and there, but no major blowouts. The painting business is what it is, very demanding. The podcast has been a great way to blow off steam. I hope you have enjoyed, I know I like putting them together with the.bigun.

6 Weeks to Wildflower, the hardest 1/2 ironman distance in the world. Seems like every bike ride I have to do inside (snow..urrrr) makes nasty grade that much scarier. Nasty grade is a section of the race at around mile 40 that requires you to stand (or you'll go backwards) and pedal for at least 5-8 minutes straight. I need Trimama's wonder-woman like lasso to have Greyhound pull me up. The Minnesota weather is supposed to become hospitable by late next week, will see. I have a 4 hour ride on the trainer on Sunday. (sounds of weeping) But...I did sign up for all this pain, so it's completely my fault :)

I am really looking forward to the Wildflower experiencer. I love visiting California and the company will be lots of fun. 7 weeks after that race is IMCDA. In the middle of all this might be a job change and some other big family changes. When more details emerge on the latter one, I promise to share quite prolifically.

Here some shots from Easter...we had a lovely time with family. One of my niece's pointed out near the end of the evening that when our family gets together no one is watching the clock for the time to leave, we just love getting together. I'm very thankful for that, and it's a tribute to my parents.

Of course the always smoking hot Trimama...

Removing Crustations from Choppers' ear...ewww

Soap, Urp and Hypen


Happy Training



Bullet said...

Best of luck in the job hunt. I know you've got to be under a lot of stress. May you find rest in your family and of course training. If things get totally whacked, you can always move to Birmingham, there are plenty of ugly houses that need paint jobs.

TriSaraTops said...

I heart pictures of the Tribe! :)

Looks like a wonderful Easter.

davegibb said...

That's the beauty of life, we get what we need when we need it. If you allow Him to take care of things and get the hell out of the way, everything comes in its own time.

IronJenny said...

I love your tribe!!

TRI-ROB said...

How in the HECK do you keep your head from exploding while on the trainer for that LONG! Holy CRUD!

Enjoying the podcast! Levity is a good thing.

In the last episode... you did a "live remote" from a tri-shop... what was the name of it!? I have a friend in the area that could use some tri-support! Can you email me? Thanks man!


IronTriTim said...

Good luck with the job hunting. Love the photos of the family.

I can remember my 4 hour trainer rides.. fond memories :-(

Lana said...

Great pictures!

So I was out running Saturday morning and listening to the latest podcast...and I almost thought that you were totally going to give me immunity from the TOS!!! But then you let Bigun talk you out of it. Don't let him influence you, Tac!!!

faithrunner said...

The Tribe is so sweet! I hope they keep cheering you on in all your endeavors. Keep up the great training! The snow here is killin me too, should have up to 8 inches by morning!?! It'll be April Fools day in the morning, this is some April Fools joke, eh?

Anonymous said... wagggsgirl graebner