Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Episode 5 is up!

Hope you enjoy, click on iTunes link in the sidebar to subscribe.

Check out the photos too! :)



Ryan said...


I should have called in to beg forgiveness and apologize for trying, in a comedic sense, to bust your balls about episode 4.

Ok, I'll admit that "regressive" was too strong of a term.

But come on

Part of the greatness of your show is that it sounds like you and Bigun are good friends talking unscripted about how cool triathlon is, it doesn't feel like you are following a script of what to say next or . . . .

like you have to put in a whole lot of (wink wink) "research" into your shows.

So I'll say it: Tac, I'm Sorry.

But, from this point on, any objectionable comments (should there be any) that I may leave, should be taken purely as sarcastic.


left.right.repeat said...

Taco Nite,
Great show...you guys crack me up. The on-going saga of race bling and appropriate usage is hilarious. I know there were previous podcasts regarding the wearing of race t-shirts but not by you guys....maybe you should give it a shot.

Shelley said...

You guys have the best podcast in the world!!

TriBoomer said...

You know, Greyhound really does howl like that when he's lawyering.

Stay tuned...

Coach said...

So aside from my earlier comments about the very odd nature of your man-love relationship, I tried to leave a few comments about Episode 5 on your audio line, but sad to say, it rang and rang and rang and then 5 minutes later...NOTHING. It hung up on me. I played your show for a group of under-age dancers visiting NYC and they all had comments but alas, nada, zip, bupkus. They were very disenchanted. Fix the line and I'll leave them but you may not get the raw enthusiasm they showed as well as their own take on what they described as some metrosexual painter dude and his big burly cellmate who has his own issues if he's calling himself the Bigun.
I got nuth'n but love for y'all. ;)
-Coach Adam