Friday, April 25, 2008

Episode 8 is Up

Hopefully our banter is'nt getting to old. If it is, you can listen to our three rockin guests. Trisaratops, Momo and Lana. They were all awesome. Thanks girls for lowering your standards. :)

Bigun says he had some problems with the m4a version of the show. I did not. Let us know if it does not play properly. That is the version that has pictures and chapters and only plays on ipods.

Don't sweat with out...THE TACBOY N BIGUN PODCAST!



Bigun said...

all is well with the M4a....enjoy the show!

Bullet said...

Great show. Just finished it. Thanks for keeping them coming. Glad you're feeling better.

IronTriTim said...

Banter getting old? Don't think so.