Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Paradise Lost? Letters from sick bay...

Fever, chills and general crap feeling are here at the Tac Cave. So Its lots of soda (for the sore throat) and mama like treatment from the crazy sweet hottie hot one

Apparently Iron Kahuna has run into more of what Bigun and Tac termed 'annonyn-a-ass'. You know, those wonderful comments left by unknown cowards which are either insulting, hurtful or all of the above. Kahuna refered to the Milton poem 'Paradise Lost'. First making sure Bigun and I weren't the a-holes he was talking about :) , then making sure he wasnt refering to some show on ABC, I finally concluded that this poem was truly amazing. I became enthralled with the Milton classic and some of the interesting critiques, especially that of CS Lewis(Narnia Chronicles)

435 Pages! Separated into 12 books. Milton desired to bring the 'fall of man' biblical story to a more accessible level through his prose. He explored deeply the history of Satan, the unique sinless relationship of Adam and Eve, the final great deception, fall and Hope of future redemption. Basically great classic Christian literature.

Whew...that's what happens when your sicker then a dog, have no where to go with a laptop on your bed.

I'm fairly sure that Kahuna was referring to the pollution of the triblogosphere's from these nasty unknown commenter's who rear their ugly ass heads from time to time. What I found interesting was the idea that the blog paradise had been lost.

I didn't know we found paradise.

I don't think anytime you enter into a community of human beings you find paradise. Encouragement, camaraderie, laughter, tears of joy..and many other positive life affirming elements...absolutely!. All those can be found and enjoyed within our tri blog community. In fact, I have stated many times that Kahuna himself has been a major inspiration in the triathlon experience that I have enjoyed. Yet, whenever you enter a community of human beings you enter with GREAT RISK. Risk of feeling disappointed, hurt, frustrated, jealous...the list goes on. Maybe you have never had any negative feelings towards other bloggers before, but I would be ball face lying to say that I had not.

Were all broken people, most aspire to better ourselves everyday. Many of us make mistakes in things we say or write, hopefully we seek reconciliation and move on. Yet Milton is clear that innocence gave way to all new feelings...

"They sat them down to weep, nor only tears/ Rained at their eyes, but high winds worse within/ Began to rise, high passions, anger, hate,/ Mistrust, suspicion, discord, and shook greatly/ Their inward state of mind." Book IX, Paradise Lost

The resulting consequences and how to cope with a lost state of peace are matters of deep faith and philosophy. Speaking of faith, Trimama and I have recently had some shockingly disappointing relationships fail in our own church. All though this recent experience is nothing compared to the evils I've seen done to people I dearly loved within the 'church'.

I stopped long ago believing church was paradise.

No group of human beings (family, friends, church, tri-communities), no amount of money, no level of life dream accomplishments will ever encompass paradise. Milton was right...it was lost long ago.

Obviously as a Christian you all have a good idea where my faith and philosophy fall.

So yes Kahuna, Paradise is lost....but Milton also said in book XII, Hope is not.




TriSherpa Di aka "Mrs Bigun" said...

who's broken? I'm not broken. My life is BLOODY perfect!!!!! PERFECT I say...do you hear me...???
LOL Great post Brian, really great. I loved your perspective.

MUT said...

1. Feel Better.
2. Hope is not lost!
Your words were great. I haven't been hated on because no one knows I'm out there. I check in on your post and others daily and find great motivation and joy. Keep up the happiness.

greyhound said...

Funny how the blogosphere works. The comparative anonymity brings out the worst in some people, and in me (most of the time) I think people conclude that I am better, kinder and more genuine than I really am. This has the double effect that I have to live up to this "good greyhound" when I meet people in real life, which actually DOES make me better.

stronger said...

Very nice post.

Comm's said...

HOT DAMN Tacky, that was freaking awesome. That might be the best freaking post I have read all week, excluding mine of course. I mean the directions to a carbo party are much easier to follow than Milton.

I hope you feel better soon. And don't forget to use the bell to ring mama into the room...you know, cause your throat is to sore to yell.

Ryan said...

I don't know.

Say the word "boobie" or tell me a fart joke and I am good.

I don't really care if people say mean things to or about me, as long as it is not the people that I love saying it to me, its all good.

Great episode 6.

The funniest parts to me are these:

Occasionally, instead of the typical hearty laughter after a wisecrack from the Bigun, you pull away from the mic, a second or two of silence, then a muffled quack sound of you in the background. I can just picture you leaning back and laughing out loud.

Yes the content was good, but hearing you crack yourself up was great.

Lana said...

Excellent post!

momo said...

very nice, tacboy. definitely gives me something to think about.

hope you're feeling better soon!

IronTriTim said...

Nice post Tac, read kaunas post and wondered why he was so down. He is an icon (tri role model) to alot of of us. Just building his ego :-)

As for the poem, can you really have a poem over 435 pages? Sorry thats a story.

crazy tri mama said...

Great thoughts.

My mama always told me that things only look like paradise from the outside. The "idea" of paradise is only visible to you until you enter into it........then and only then is it truly lost. I've heard that about churches too...it's the perfect church until you start attending it!

Feel better soon. Love the podcasts and motivation both you and trimama bring to me.

Fe-lady said...

cool-thanks for the words

Fe-lady said...

I am nicer in person (really) than I come across on posts and comments.
It's here I enjoy being "da beetch" sometimes...!

Anonymous said...

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