Thursday, August 07, 2008

I liked this podcast

M-dot bigun and I just wrapped up episode 12 of the podcast. I really liked this one. Its that feeling after taking a long time off from triathlon and realizing you actually do like training again.

Which leads me to the episode 13 topic...Iron weary.

Hope you enjoy this one...Tac did :) We have a great interview with Supalinds. talk for a short time with Kahuna and of course try something new...the Tac Boy and Bigun Game Show. I need some fake tri commercial sponsors, your ideas would be much appreciated.

Happy training out there.


Danielle in Iowa said...

Hmmm, fake tri commercial sponsors? How about Tri-Lube - suit juice, chamois butter, and body glide all in one! (even great for those private moments alone with the SO!)

IronTriTim said...

Downloaded and looking forward to listening to it when I get a spare moment! Though listening while the twins are screaming certainly cuts down on their noise. :-)

The Tri Runner said...

Love The Show! It really helps me get thru the long work outs. BTW – Please keep explaining all of the rooms in the Hallowed Hall. Not that I want to hear it again but I think its funny The Dot Bigun gets mad. I can almost see the smoke coming out of his ears. Seriously, Great Show & Keep It Up!

Supalinds said...

Great podcast!! You guys rock.