Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hey O

Once again Taconite Boy finds himself with a blog and no entries. So here a list of random thoughts from said superhero.

1. Changing careers is much further away then it appears in a mirror. Proceed carefully and with much prayer and support.

2. Facebook rocks. If you have not started a facebook page then why are you still reading this. Ask me to be your friend (brian holmes) it makes me feel really teenage like(voice cracking giggle).

Truthfully I spend much more time at FB because everything can be kept to a short quip and I swear uploading pictures is easier then Blogger. It also does not hurt that I have this...
FB for the Steve Jobs modern wonder is really sweet. Easy to catch up on friends, upload pictures instantly ect. (I also love posting pics of the iPhone to drive Bigun nuts)

3. Training for 3-1/2 Ironman's and 2-Full Ironman's in one year tends to leave you preatty burnt.

4. Feeling burnt tends towards a hatred all things lactate threshold inducing.

5. That leads to getting lazy. I like it here.

6. Watching your son suit up for Football for the first time is really cool. Seeing your son take down the kid who is always taking him down...even better.

7 Teenager is not an age, its a disorder

8 The painting profession has become increasingly difficult to produce a fair profit when the wages have been stagnent for over 8 years. Thank you Sanctuary City policies of Mpls/St. Paul.

9 Living a safe Christianity is unacceptable for Trimama and I.

10 Waking up scared out of our minds goes with number 9.

11 Finding Peace is important after 10

12 I love Fat Tire Beer. No, I mean really love it. Thank you Fort Collins, Colorado!!

13 I drank Trappist beer for the first time last week. Did you know it is made by real Monks? Think full bodied microbrew but you strain with your teeth. Thank you Belgium!

14 I wonder if the whole Tribe could just go and become Monks?

15 Escaping Holy pruning is an oxymoron.

16 Simplify Tac forgot about this. You must check this out. It allows you to share YOUR ENTIRE DIGITAL MUSIC LIBRARY with your friends. You may ask how many friends TacBoy? Thanks for asking, UP TO 30! As long as you have an internet connection you can listen to all of your friend(s) music. Very cool. Oh and by the way for you Jobs whores. Simplify media will STREAM ALL OF IT TO YOUR iPHONE (regardless of connection (wifi/3g/edge)

17 Number 16 proves Im a total geek.

18 I really love the tri-blogs. Great people, good friends and life long connections.

19 Except for Bigun

20 Number 19 shows that I have more pruning needed.

21 I really enjoy podcasting...with Bigun. He is truly a good friend.

22 Madison, September 7th, 2008. Nuff said.

23 I'm looking forward seeing Tri-Thunder Kraught become an Ironman (my training partner)

24 I think the Packers made a big mistake.

25 I think the Vikings are going to be average again.

Thats all for now. Hope your training is going well and check out our newest episode coming out this week!



Bigun said...

This week?!?!? Better do some more pruning. Or drink some prune juice.

Steve Stenzel said...

I like #7.

So true.

triguyjt said...

i am with you on facebook.....
love it....but its addictive...

i dont know you, but we can be buds....LOL!!

and congrats on the 18 years...

IronTriTim said...

Must be one of the last to join facebook but finally joined.

Totally agree on 12, theres a few cold here in the fridge next time you are in Chicagoland.

tarheeltri said...

Thanks for the list. I'm going to get you what someone gets me for Christmas every year. You'll love it!