Wednesday, September 30, 2009

10 days to Ironman

Well this is it. We are under two weeks until the Kona. Crazy. I was unaware of how much stress I could handle...apparently quite a bit. The start up company as of today is still completely unfunded, were relying on some dear friends to get us out to Kona, and still unsure how were paying for all of it. BUT, God is faithful even when were not and he clearly told Kari and I that Kona was on our schedule this year. :)

(screaming out window)

O.K. feeling better now. Now for more interesting news. The signage for Trimama is coming along nicely. Thank you for all the suggestions. I belive the current front runner is...

C'mon Tacky, you'll be 3 times the Ironman that Bigun is!

mmmm...Love that one.

Need more suggestions to make the top five list that I'll publish soon!

Here is a little taste of what the race looks like in Hawaii...

Put up the top 5 signs the smoking hot T-mama will be waving for me throughout the day. BTW...I am so glad Kona is hot, she has to wear such small clothing to stay cool....dang.



Ryan said...

How about this one (you'll have to check my blog to see the picture to fully get it)

White Hot sure does look good in that White Speedo!


Episode 19 is almost finished!!!

So what are your travel days so that we can find time to get together and make up jokes about the.Bigun. I get there on Sunday the 4th!

dennyj said...

Go get 'em big guy!

Lana said...

Been thinking about you, excited for you!!! This is the chance of a lifetime...I can't wait to hear about it!

walchka said...

Good luck Tac! You're going to have an awesome time in Kona.

Jane said...

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