Monday, September 07, 2009

Tri Goodness

Tacky is experiencing some Tri goodness lately. For all of the start up difficulties, 4 kids responsibilities and general sinus infections, Tac is finally getting to get some Kona excitement going!

Checked out the Ironman Kona Athlete guide last night....heheheheh. Checked out a bunch of You Tube stuff on the bike course...hehehehhe. Today I was able to spend the majority of the day with a ton of Tri studs and studettes. The high point being time spent with CY going over all her experiences last year when she raced Kona and gathering tips, like heading out Hawi with cross winds. Yikes!

Ok. Pinch me...I'm doing the Ironman in Kona, HI.

This week was a swim focus (8000 yds)/ rest week except for the make-up long bike (90) for the complete collapse I had the week prior. Other then that, I actually slept quite a bit now that the anti-biotic is working on my 4 week long sinus battle!

Trimama and I have decided Ironman Wisconsin is in need of our cheering. So cheer we will, I may even sneak into swim suit stripping and do my magic(yes Robbie B, I'M BACK). Looking forward to seeing all the tri buddies down there and seeing some first timers cross that line!

I have much to say about my new Sugoi Scwag! I will post on that soon with more pics as I try it out. So far, very nice!


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