Monday, November 20, 2006

230.00 cookies..Bumper stickers..and God

These were expensive cookies tonight. I am tending the tribe alone because Trimama and Hypen Girl are at Basketball practice. The house has been without the one culinary wonder that I do contribute, my famous oatmeal cookies. That is changing because today, the Sears man came out and replaced a $7.50 piece for ABOUT 230.00!!


Alright... got that out.

I probably could have diagnosed the problem, ordered the part and fixed the dumb thing myself. But I probably would have spent two Saturdays figuring everything out. So I paid a blue collar guy like me to fix the problem and the got to spend time with my crumb crunchers tonight making arguably the best cookies in the tri universe!

Trimama is well known in these parts for her disdain of bumper stickers. She thinks that putting your worldview on your bumper is just silly and makes cars look cluttered and ugly. She thinks that bumper stickers tend to limit the definition of the person in the car. She said she would never want any on her car.


Then she did and Ironman. :)

Speaking of Tri's I suppose I need to start thinking more about next year. I'm really taking it easy right now, because I want my body to be ready for the rounds of training that I'm planning for next year.

Round 1
Wildflower. This will be my first half-iron. I won't be able to train alot outside for this, so I'm a little nervous. But I'm going with a great group of people so I'm confident I'll be fine. Training for this begins in mid January.

Round 2
After recovery in May I start training for Ironman Wisconsin. AHHH..FREAK OUT. O.k. I'm fine, although I think that will happen often. I really have no confidence in my run. My knees (IT band, Quads) are really bad right now. So thinking about Ironman really makes me wonder how it will be possible. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. That's a verse I will hold onto tight this next year.

Trimama found that training for Ironman grew her emotionally as well as spiritually. I feel this undeniable pull towards Madison. I know this sounds weird, but I just know that God want me to be there. Not for my own acclaim, but for His. To enjoy and deepen the relationships that He's put in my life and to challenge my own thinking about who and what I am.

Ironically, it's Thanksgiving week. I am very thankful for all that the triathlon experience has brought into my life. The people, the challenges, the deeper marriage, the coming together as a team of my family, the beauty of nature and seeing His glory in all of it.

Thank you for stopping by!



Anonymous said...

Thank you for the thoughtful post. It was a nice prelude for Thanksgiving.

Shelley said...

When I did my first IM in LP. The hills were awful for me there, but I kept repeating that verse, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me"!! It works!!

Flatman said...

What a great post. That verse is so powerful and it's TRUE! You can do it!

walchka said...

Great post Tac. You need to send some of those cookies over to St. Paul.

You are going to have a great 07!

Comm's said...

Why not sell them door to door. Aren't you guys snowed in till March and unable to travel more than a few blocks at a time.

Wendy said...

Wonderful post.

But it's not a bumper sticker ... it's a window ornament! (At least that is my story, and I'll be stickin' to it!)

Anonymous said...

I made those for Inside Out sports.

Have a happy holiday. Ya gotta love the weather. October in November.

Iron Pol said...

Part of what made me try a marathon, then a triathlon, and now target a half-IM and IM distance race is the unknown.

If I knew with no question it could be done, I might not even take the time. Setting stretch goals that might or might not be achieved makes the effort worthwhile. When I'm done, I'll know that something special has been accomplished.

And you're right. I teach the youth with whom I work that nobody runs 140.6 miles on their own. If they don't have God helping out, the chances of success are greatly reduced.

Anonymous said...

T-boy - Those cookies sound fabulous; the bumper sticker is beautiful; amazing how an Ironman can change you.
Have a great Thanksgiving - so much to be grateful and thankful for...
I will be at IM WI to cheer you on. Christ will strengthen, and I will cheer for you! (We're kind of a team ;-) )

Anonymous said...

Well baked...
Well stuck...
and Good News!

Anonymous said...

I can relate to what Trimama thinks about bumper stickers and how one doesn't want to "be defined" by them, but I also think the 140.6 sticker is very cool. If I had one, I'd stick it on my car too.

IM Able said...


Can't wait to follow your progress this coming year and to proudly toe the line together in September. I know the experience will be magical and difficult and much, much more. It makes me thankful that it's something within my power to train for.

Hope you have an excellent holiday season with the Tribe and Trimama and at least you'll have a solid 9 months to on the crack or center on the spine?