Friday, November 10, 2006

I'm a little verklempt...I'll talk amongst myself

Wow, what a week in Florida. I'm amazed at what an awe inspiring experience the whole trip was. I guess this is one of my race reflections from the other side of the course, the spectator side.

I think I was just as stressed as any race that I myself had participated in, and this was Trimama's race. Towing 3 children, placing 2 pets, cleaning and packing along with wondering how Trimama was doing, left me preatty weary. Yet my weariness was replaced by amazement upon arriving in Florida.

I feel like I entered a beautiful dream.

I can't find any other word for it. Oh boy...verklempt....hang on....

I'm not kidding, writing this literally brings tears to my eyes. I think seeing all of these bloggers with whom I've come to know their individual stories, heartaches and struggles and them seeing them take on the Ironman challange, produced an overwhelming joy for them. I really don't know these people, but I think that's what makes this whole blogsphere thing so interesting... I kinda do know them. Most of the bloggers are exactly what you imagined them to be. So cheering them on felt like cheering on an old friend.

I guess I already miss them too. I know that sounds weird, but it's true. It's like having good friends that you only see once in a long while. Well I hear over at Tri Geek Dreams there's talk of some more 'family' reunions. I'm looking forward to those.

I am thankful that God has allowed me to be part of these peoples lives. I'll continue to pray for them as they take on new challenges, both in the dream world of Triathlon and the real one too.

O.K...I'll give you a topic...Wildflower 07...Great race or excuse for Kahuna to see naked amongst yourselves!

Tac out


Flatman said...

Wildflower '07 - both!

I envy your little trip down to Fl!

greyhound said...

I told Mrs. Greyhound about the topless coeds, and she is letting me go anyway.

Comm's said...

love the verklempt.

Wife said that race day was one of hte most stressful days she remembers. Always waiting to see me come in from the event. Gauging my progress.

Thanks for all your selflessness in Florida. While you could have kicked back and enjoyed yourself with all of us, you took hundreds of awesome pictures to capture the moment. Seldom does the photographer get to bask in the same glory as the athletes, you my friend should bask.

Iron Pol said...

Don't be booking so much that the little Dells training opportunities disappear. Most of my vacation is spoken for, but I'm saving a day or two for that, if it materializes.

Anonymous said...

Hi Taconiteboy!
Thanks so much for taking so many fab pictures and being such an amazing support guy last week. Can't wait to do the same for you at IMWI... if you are still doing that now that we've been working on you for IMFL 07.... ;-)
I watched your tattoo videos and was DYING with laughter. Wish I coulda been there.
Do you have a photo album online yet? I'd love to see your pics. Especially the jellyfish one...
Are you spinning tonight?

j. said...

Wildflower is a great race, but I think Auburn (aka "The World's Toughest Triathlon") is a lot better. Not only is Auburn much more challenging and not only are there much fewer people (there are times where you are running on single track through the woods and don't see a single person around), but there are also lots of hotels surrounding the race. What a concept. I mean, I love camping at all... just not the night before a really challenging 1/2 Ironman.

The bad side is that there are no topless co-eds at Auburn. (Then again, when I saw the people who were topless a couple of years ago, I offered to give them my shirt.)

That's my story and I'm sticking to it. At least for the next five minutes.