Friday, March 02, 2007

Starting to feel it.

Wow, I've not posted in awhile. Just enjoyed Trimama's synopsis of her road to Ironman over at Tri-Dummy's sight. I was surprised by how many events that I'd forgotten about regarding her tri-career. You know... waaayyy back when-23 months ago.

Starting to feel it. Starting to feel the strength that comes form 7-14 hours of training a week. I had the unique experience of using a friends Compu-Trainer this Saturday(Thanks Steve!). Saaawwweeet. I was able to bike the Wildflower course for almost 3 hours and I started to feel it. The similar feeling that Iron Kahuna was talking about. That sense your legs can maintain the cadence you want, or that on the 3400 yard swim I did today, my 100 splits are starting to drop. It's comforting, but not reassuring. Wildflower is traditionally hot and Wildflower is hilly. Neither of these things are easy to replicate in Minnesota, in early March. In fact if you live here long enough, I swear you develop a mental disorder. I've been watching the 3 foot snow drifts melt today, counting the days until I get that bike outside. I'm just glad I'm starting to feel the strength that is the benefit of all this training.

Speaking of disorder...

Yep. That's two of my kids and some neighbor boy (it must be his influence) who have pasted barbie to the tree and are 'snow torturing' her. Like I said, the weather tends to promote psychological disorders and deviance. Oh well...spring cometh.

Took the red Felt machine into the bike shop on Saturday and asked if I need to have a tune up done. When the mechanic checked my chain with some 'chain checking du=hickey', he looked at me and just asked, "how many miles are on this chain".

As the total lunk head regarding bike maintenance that I am, I sheepishly stated,"Too many?" Followed by nervous laughter. By me, not him.

Yep needed a new chain, she was looser then a Florida Hooters waitress around the Kahuna. In fact, so distraught was my chain that she took it out on my cassette as well. Now with my new training wheels, flashpoint wheels (yes, that I stole from Trimama) new cassette and a thorough tune up, rookie red is startin to feel it too.

Upcoming post.

Superhero discussion time.

Tac out...and feelin it.


greyhound said...

Barbie had it coming. She's evil and must die.

Tri-Dummy said...

I'm surprised the boys got close to Barbie...she's like Kryptonite to mine...AAAHHHHHHHH, THE BARBIE TOUCHED ME!!!

The Tac-Mobile is probably appreciating a little upkeep!!!