Saturday, March 31, 2007

By Proxy Famous?

8:30 am

I'm realizing it's hard to write this post when I'm playing XBox 'Gears of War' with my good friend who's in Hong Kong. Yep the same friend, Bones, who let me drive his car. His brother and I are drinking coffee at 8 am he's havin a beer at 9pm...weird. The next best thing to seeing him in person is digitally killing him, and that's fun. Really fun. Now how do I talk the Mama into xbox 360 budget item?

7:00 pm

Had a slight brush with my own fame last night. Trimama and I are just leaving the store when a guy speaks up behind us,

"Nice Job"

"Excuse me?"

"Nice job on your Ironman!"

Oh that's right, Mama is wearing her finisher coat (which makes her look especially hot). Turns out he's a budding triathlete who's trying to decide between Wisconsin and Florida for doing his first Ironman next year. Great guy, may even join our local tri club! During our conversation we told him to look at the utube video called Tri Geek Dreams Ironman Florida,

"Oh yea...I saw that! It was awesome, I just realized your the girl in the video!"

So Tac Boy has officially been recognized by proxy of Trimama's accomplishments....I'l take it.

That reminds me, any of you Wildflower people that have a video camera, please bring it and shamelessly film everything! I want to put together a movie of the weekend, and need as much material as possible!! I tried to rent a good camera, but quite pricy (450.00) for the weekend.

Went for a delightful 11 mile run today. Got 4000 yards in the morning followed by 3.5 hour ride in the afternoon. Hopefully will ride outside, but it's supposed to be raining and 50, so will see.

Oh, yes and have something very exciting to announce over at Trimama's sight tomorrow. VERY cool.

Tac Out


Chris said...

If you get an Xbox 360, look up me. That was yet another thing that I bought this winter to keep me entertained when it was entirely too cold to go outside. :)

I wonder if he'll show up to the Wednesday night rides. It sure is a small world out there.

TriBoomer said...


I had one of those "hey aren't you the blogger guy? moments a few weeks back. Pretty cool stuff.

By the way... for the latest round of Wildflower smack talk check out the comment I left on the IronKahuna's post today.

Stay tuned...

greyhound said...

You guys and your 4000 yard swims this early in the year are giving me an inferiority complex.

I need to get to masters class more often.

Iron Girl Nyhus said...

Big announcement??!!!!

TJ said...

i'm way behind the curve with the whole xbox thing. maybe it's time for me to trade in my super nintendo.

ironjenny said...

Cool that you were recognized. I want to be in your entourage!
So... I read Trimama's blog - what's the big announcement? The wagerin'???

Lana said...

Your fame should come as no suprise, TacBoy! Hope the ride went well for ya.

Fe-lady said...

I have a video camera, but it's the "old"kind- tape. You can film your heart out if you want to. My hubby takes pix-that's what he is good at. Video- no.
Or does the camera have to be a new digital kind?
My HP photo camera takes up to 8 min of video...but then the card is full! I guess I could bring two cards...I am rambling.... :-)