Saturday, March 17, 2007

Tri Dummy-Dont read this.

So I mentioned in my last post that our local tri club is a blast. Alot of the Gear West clubsters are also bloggers, these include the likes of Iron Jenny, IronGirlNyhus, Chivalry Chris, Marz Racer, Iron Nick, Trimama and of couse ME :) As a group, we really are blessed with a bunch of welcoming, gracious and adventurous people. I'm quite grateful to be part of this extended tri-family!

Which of couse brings me to poor Tri Dummy, who wrote this in my comment section Friday...

The more stuff your tri-club does together the more I wanna move there.

Tac-Nastee, you're making me COVET your tri-club.

(tri-dummy is now rolling all over the ground kicking and screaming)

I wanna move to the Twin Cities!
I wanna move to the Twin Cities!
I wanna move to the Twin Cities!
I wanna move to the Twin Cities!

So Tri Dumbtastic, you probably don't want to hear about how the 10 of us got together for a 3 hour group spin/run off Saturday morning followed by a delicious egg bake. We watched various rocking Ironman video's (Desiree Ficker-mmmmmm), chatted and generally had a great time.

Kinda like this...

You also probably didn't wanna hear about the Saint Patti's day celebration our tri club had that night that went a little like this...

and this....

and this...

O.K. I won't tell you about it then.

Tac out


greyhound said...

I've got this one, Tridummy.

Spin? Why are the bikes all inside? Do they go uphill? Into the wind?

70 degrees, sun, moderate winds, and 109 miles over the weekend.

You ARE doing Wildflower, are you not?

Iron Girl Nyhus said...

LOVE the pics and video!!!! Could I have been stuffing my face any more in that last video of Iron Jenny and Tri Mama... gross! hehe

I hope Tri-Dummy didn't see any of those FUN pictures or videos.


Taconite Boy said...

Good one Houndmiester, but just one question. How are those hill run work outs going?

TJ said...

you guys make me want to puke with all your happy happy tri club blah blah blah. this stuff ain't supposed to be fun! where's the pain?!?!?!?!? where's the long suffering in solitude?!?!?!?
:) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Iron Pol said...

Yeah, but do you LOOK as cool as our tri club? See my blog header for the coolest tri club kit in the country.

It's all about looking cool.

Tri-Dummy said...

'hound and I are on the same page on this one.

Read and weep, Tac-Nastee.

Nice 2 hour ride OUTSIDE on Saturday afternoon w/6 cycling homies in an INTENSIVE headwind.

Sunday...nice lil 9.5 miler run in another INTENSIVELY WINDY environment.

Yes, I'm tuff as nails.


I started squalling like a mashed cat when mentioned by the lovelies: IronJenny and Tri-Mama. Touched me, really. I still get a lil choked up...sniff.

I can't believe God made two bald, greying, funny guys with faces like alley cats. We may have been separated at birth.

Bolder said...

your TRI club almost makes me want to move to wherever you dudes live.


i'd just woulda missed the mountains yesterday, i like to stare at their snow covered peaks, while i ride in the basking sun, on a 75 degree day.


ok, not even close.

Taconite Boy said...

You sure those were mountain peaks you were lookin at?

ironjenny said...

Gosh we're beautiful.

Lucky for us we finally got out and experienced real headwind today. OUTSIDE, everybody. Really! Just like they have in N. Platte!

Thanks again for not dropping me on the ride today TacMan - wow. I just realized that in addition to being beautiful, we are nice, too!!!!