Sunday, January 27, 2008

My Weak off Update

According to Bigun and Greyhound my week off of any training is wussy butt. So here's a list of what Tac has accomplished.

1. Tempo Eating
2. Pop tart fartleks (thx Bigun)
3. Sleep intervals
4. Sinusitus pill popping
5. Sam Adams Slurping.

Seriously Tac's been doing nothing this week to heal some sore spots and prepare for his the Ironman training plan. Tac is using the Beginner Triathlete 20 week silver plan. He used BT last year for his 1/2 Iron and a 12 week bridge from that to the full distance. I highly recommend the site. No kick backs here, just like the plans. Only comment would be that the swim portions of the plan can be too heavy. Spend the money on the silver plans, they include good workouts, with excellent strength training routines (by D3 Multisport). Both Trimama and Tac cut about 25% of the swimming out of our plans and had fine Ironman swims.

Here's the Link...Beginner Triathlete(If BT wanted to send tac something for free, he will never turn down because he's a schwag whore)

Happy race planning!



JohnnyTri said...

Holy Smokes.. poor Chair!!
folding is what is bout to happen there!


greyhound said...

So, tell me where I'm wrong here. Your woman has an Ironman in November and she practically tore her leg off at the knee a few weeks ago. She is training.

You, with your little owies, have an Ironman in June, and you are . . . not training. hmmmm.

marz_racer said...

Are you using BT for a training log? If you are, shoot me a link so I can make sure you are not slacking.

tarheeltri said...

BT's a great source for training and will get you to the finish safe and sound. I used it for my IM in Florida. Totally agree with the swimming workout though... way too much. I hate tampering with a plan myself, but you might also consider dropping one of the weekly runs and replacing it with cycling or rest.

Steve Stenzel said...

Sounds like a GREAT training schedule! Wanna be training partners!?! Ha!

Comm's said...

I used a BT plan as an outline for IMFL. Its good. Not great. Very basic and agree on the swimming size. But it is for beginners and most beginners need extra work in the water.

SWTrigal said...

Yo to a fellow Virgo..and IMCDA participant. I took a few days off mysef this week before the big push..

Iron Girl Nyhus said...

I love BT training plans!

Michele said...

I am glad to hear such good things about the BT plan since that is what I am going with for both my half iron and IMFL.
I might have to cut back the swim some too.

TriBoomer said...

At least you got something done. I just at two bags of cheesy-poofs to celebrate you accomplishment.

Stay tuned...

IronJenny said...

Tac - what's your email address? I do have a couple of blogging-in-MAC questions for you..

Thanks, butt.

Gosh, I meant "Bud". Like in "Buddy". I really mean that in the kind way. not it the butt way.

you know what I mean, right?

great picture btw!