Monday, January 07, 2008

Trimama's Leaving Me!

Tac's sure of it. He heard her speaking to her 'friend' over the phone yesterday. What has Tac done? How did he mess up this bad? He knows what happened. Last Thursday morning was the battle scene. 5 am, small counter by the toaster. She reached up for my last Cinnamon Roll Pop Tart.

Nobody messes with Taconite Boy's pop tarts.

Since when did Trimama eat Tac's coveted Pop Tarts!! One harsh comment led to another and she's gone.

Well at least gone until Sunday night when Tac picks her up. Her friends include the likes of Lana, IronJenny, local running homies and of course blogger host royalty...Commodore.

Arizona is the official destination for the first Tri blogger reunion tour of the year.

Tac's sure she would love to run the Rock and Roll Mary, but she'll make a great sherpa!

Have a great time dear. I'll miss you, the tribe will miss good food.

Tac's quite the heel. Well at least he has a bad heel. He's ignoring the idea that he has the dreaded, first word hangs outside a european village window, second word sounds similar to a facist with a bad cold. Because that would really suck donkey kongs. Tac's looking for therapy's for this troubled heel so any ideas would be appreciated :(

Tac out...and happily under-trained

Tridummy is going to be there as well...sheesh!

Podcast? Yes. Podcast coming out soon. Remember it's free so dont expect too much!


IronTriTim said...

Messing with a mans pop tarts.. everyone has their limits. Start eating her Honey Nut Cheerios and see how she likes it! Good luck on the heel.

Tri-Dummy said...


Not under the friends part, but rather the ROYALTY!


Now that's taken care of...

We got caught off phone ran outta juice.

I was saying I was gonna give Mama a hug TO GIVE TO YOU, sweetpea.

Sascha said...

How weird that we keep ending up in the same place. I'm in phoenix right now for the same general purpose. RnR AZ, here I come!

greyhound said...

I think she's sweet on Commodore. I hear he has a mistress, so . . .

cdnhollywood said...

God, I haven't had pop tarts in years....

If you really want to test your marriage, try painting a room together. Actually, don't try. Honest.

Comm's said...

I will take great care of momma.