Thursday, February 14, 2008

Library in the Hallowed Hall

Tacboy n' Bigun have an official Library. Think of old mahogony ceiling beams with book shelves from floor to ceiling. Reading chairs and large tables (triangular of course). Each time you remove a book there is that 'book smell' with a little dust needing to be blown off.

Were looking for titles for the Library. Book Titles

Also we have a large Dictionary in the Library. Think aged edged pages, about a mile thick. We need Dictionary words related to the official Dictionary of the League of Triathletes.

Any ideas you have we would love to hear!!

Leave us a message at 813-990-0951.

Tac's been busy training and still looking for that career change. Ugh. Lots of stress, but I'm thankful for a very supportive and praying wife! The podcast has been a great escape as well. Thanks for all your nice comments!

Have a great week and help us build a our mythical library!!


momo said...

ok, i've got to be one of the only people without an ipod. i had one, but my kids stole it. dang kids.

i was able to download v1 and v3 in mp3, but i can't get v2 in mp3. am i missing it somewhere??

Matt said...

Thanks for stopping by. I'll put my ear to the ground and send some native B'ham Triathlete speak your way. Cool idea.

tri-mama said...

The Wetsuit Wars, the saga of a triathlon couple.