Sunday, February 03, 2008

Just like the podcast...

Tac's going to post on something that has nothing to do with Triathlon :)

New podcast up on Monday by the way.

Some opportunities have arisen that allow me to pursue another passion in my life, photography.

Tac's looking at purchasing a 40d Canon and looking for anyone who has some opinions on lenses for Canon in general.




Chris said...

I'm no expert, but I've looked over the following a few times when I was looking for a new lens for my camera:

If you're looking to do this as a profession, maybe that guide is entirely too simple for you?

Tri-Dummy said...

You need to talk to Mama Dummy. She is a camera lens GURU. Lotsa research under her belt recently. Giver a ring.

Pharmie said...

Email steve. I his email is linked to his blog. He teaches photography in college and owns 4 cannon cameras (that I know of. Every time we talk I find out about more). He should be able to help at least a little bit.

tri-bobolicious said...


It all comes down to budget. I would go with the best optics you can get for the money. I also am a big fan of the canon IS models. I like the fact I can hand-hold and still get a crisp shot in lower light situations. Also dont forget: flash, tripod, light bracket.