Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Sneakin one in.

Usually that could refer to Trimama/Tacboy extra-curricular activity, but more bike, less sex. The good news is that I got in a 3.25 hr ride outside on rolling hills, right before we get hit with SNOW!!! *^%%^&&(. The bad news is how freakin slow I was. I had a 1.5 hr LT ride the night before which may have slowed me down, but come on. 16mph average. Not 16.5 16.7 nope 16.0...WTF (what the fruit). Very disappointed. I expect to be 17.5 on long rides most of the time. Well, I have two more long rides before the Flower so will see how those go.

The first two years of Triathlon, I was really training to be as fast as possible. I've intentionally slowed down so that I can build my endurance, but I'm finding the resulting times tough to look at. Both my bike and run are painfully slower than previous years, but I assume this is part of base building. I guess my dreams of a sub 6 hour Wildflower are fading quick! Oh well, I'm just going to swim, bike, run and enjoy my many new bloggie friends!

Oh what a self-centered post....sorry

Tac out

PS The very exciting news referred to a April 1st deal that Trimama chickened out on. :(


TJ said...

i'm in the same boat with you tac. base building ain't good for the ego.

Chris said...

It's all about the bigger prize later this year, right? Don't sweat the early season stuff *too* much. :)

You might surprise yourself anyway. You've had a solid block of training there all winter from what I can tell. And with a little rest before WF (are you resting for it at all?), I'm sure your legs will be feeling a little more fresh.

Comm's said...

well I suppose the low speed had to do with hills and wind than you being a puss.

You're great man, no worrys.

greyhound said...

You know, my little HIM training race, I averaged 16.6 MPH with 28 miles of 20+ MPH wind, and my little canine heartrate averaged only 130.

But don't worry your pretty little head none, Tac Boy. There's no shame in second place

. . . to a Texan

. . . who is older than you are

. . . and about half your size

. . . and can't swim.

I will let you know my drink of choice.

Amy said...

I'm in the slowing down boat too. It's early yet. That's what I keep being told anyways. This base building stuff crushes the ego but builds this inner mental and emotional strength. Like push ups for your determination.

Brent Buckner said...

About all I could do for my ego was to appreciate increasing duration. That's sumpthin.

TriBoomer said...

Yah, I've slowed down once I started training for the Ironman distance. I'm told it will take a couple of years of base building and racing before the body adapts to speed work. Hang in there Tac.

Stay tuned...

Tri-Dummy said...

Don't you worry about the speed, Tac Nastee. Miles. Time in the saddle, my brutha.

ironjenny said...

Um... I've ridden with you a lot. If you were working hard at going 16mph, I would guess you had a flat?

ironjenny said...

one more thing - TriDummy's right. It's about "tits". Time in the saddle, friend!