Thursday, April 05, 2007

Apparently I am doing Ironman Coeur d'Alene

WTF (what the fudge)? I go over here today and find out that Trimama has officially changed her mind and wants to do the IMCDL together. Thanks for the whiplash dear. You all thought I was joking when I said I do tri's cause Trimama makes me. We are currently in debate mode about getting our IM Geek on in 08. We have to decide soon because sign up is in 2 months or so. Oh Yeah...just a week ago I heard,

"There is no way we could do an Ironman at the same time!"

This was during one of our creative criticism exercises based around massive stress. What ev dear.

The idea is to do a 12 week training plan, since all the kids will be in school during the first 2 months of training. We want to do the whole race Stroke for stroke, pedal for pedal, stride for stride...and blog about the experience. Were hoping we can get a bunch of other couples to sign up with us. No need for just married people. Like IronJenny and IronNyhus will probably do it for sure because I think they are joined at the hip anyhow. Although Jenny, it's time for Bob to get his IM on.

Tac out (But maybe in for IMCDL?)


TJ said...

man! that will either be totally awesome...or a big ole train wreck.
sounds cool though.
good luck!!!

Chris said...

I dunno how you early season folks do it. I can barely get ready for an IM in September let alone something in June??!

Shelley said...

Whoaaaaaaaa hope you like hills..:-))
I did it last year and it was an awesome race...have fun..enjoy!!

greyhound said...

We can't bike around the block together without risking a crash. Thanks. No.

But you guys, that's really compelling. Maybe in a train wreck sort of way, but compelling.




Bigun said...

Welcome to the Amaising Adventures of Taconite Boy! We bring you now into the home of Taconite Boy and his mistress side-kick Trimama:

Trimama: Boy! I'm going on a run, be back in 4 hours...

Taconite Boy: But honey, ehem, I mean Trimama, what about the tribe? We have to cook dinner and do the laundry and clean the house, and I had a 3k swim planned for tonight!

Trimama: Do I have to remind you each and every time? Use your powers, dumb-a...I mean, ehem, Taconite Boy.

Taconite Boy: Oh yea! I'll use my Taconite Cloning Power to make 4 of me, and then while the clones do all the housework, I'll go do my swim!

Trimama: Just remember to tag your clones with the big "C" markers, you remember what happend last time I got home from a run and Clone B got a little frisky?

Taconite Boy: Ahh, no, Trimama, you never told me about that..

Trimama: Oh, nevermind...

Tune in next week for more of the Amaising Adventures of Taconite Boy!

Comm's said...

you never know about CdA but not as a couple. Mistress would not approve

21stCenturyMom said...

For this moment I am thankful I'm single so there is no chance I'd go for this - phew!

Spokane Al said...

I will be looking forward to seeing you on the course in '08. Will you be getting a tattoo on the small of your back as well? If so, perhaps Trimama will film it.

ironjenny said...

Cool! Sounds like Spokane Al is in, too!!
By the time CDA rolls around, you will both already be IM veterans and "get" the part about how the day just goes by. You don't need as much training as you hear. You will both be able to prepare without killing each other.
I think you should strap your camera onto your camelback and have video or stills of the experience.
Oh - were you hoping I'd talk you out of it? Sorry. I think it's a fantastic idea.
And don't be putting anything in Bob's mind about getting his IM on! I don't go on his fishing or golfing or poker trips - IM is my time away from my tribe!

TriBoomer said...

The idea of doing it together is a great one. Consider yourself lucky to have such a great training partner.

I'm not sure if I'm in for '08 at this moment.

Stay tuned...

Tri-Dummy said...

TACO Night.

You need to call Taco Bell and see if they'll support you as a sponsored athlete.

Maybe Taco Tico. Taco Grande. Taco Pronto. Taco John. Del Taco.

ironjenny said...

Omigosh - Tridummy cracks me up!!!!!