Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Less Reluctant?

As I mentioned in my last post...

I'm a reluctant super hero.

Oh sure, I'll spray some carbon out of my spidy like wrists and repair cracked and chipped carbon bikes of the populace at large, but when it really comes down to it, I'm too freaking busy with the business and training to really make a concerted effort to use my pee-pee sterilizing eye ray at every pool I come upon. It's just too much effort right now. So if you find yourself being drafted by some jerk at a race, I may use my anti-drafting road spray on him, but chances requires too much effort. So take a care out there.

Unless of course, I get recognized.

I'm swimming in the pool early Tuesday morning and stop at the wall for on of my intervals. The guy next to me has a water bottle from one of the tri's I've done in the past. We strike up a conversation and he suddenly inquires,

"Are you Taconite Boy?"

"Why yes I am"

"Oh yeah, I read the blogs all the time, I recognized you."

"You recognize me"

I thankfully said to myself, not out loud. Ahhh, that's cool.

Words aptly spoken to awaken the superhero within.

I might just be able to spray out some more carbon today to fix the occasional cockpit from cracking off at 29 mph down a hill or even sterilize the pools Kahuna will visit this week. I feel so good, I could even use my Tri-Jedi powers to remove Greyhounds bow-tie when's he's in aero.

Tac out (and less reluctant)


Spence said...

Way to go Mr. Super Hero!!! So if we call Spiderman "Spidey", does that mean we can call you "Tacky?" ;)

Embrace your superpowers!!!

Bigun said...

That's insane! No one is supposed to recognize you, what if your arch nemisis finds your secret lair and holds your family ransom? What happened to your alter-ego? You really went out in public without your disguise? I'm upset. I'm dissillusioned. You need some black-rimmed glasses and a wig for your public appearances. Change your voice. Dress as a women. Do something! This is serious!

Comm's said...

to be recongized by someone you don't even know is such a blast.

it get confusing at IM's when people are cheering your name until through your exercise induced haze you realize your name is on your bib

greyhound said...

Don't underestimate the power of the bow. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Tri-Dummy said...

Rather than getting your speedo in a knot (like Bigun)

I think you should be prepared to greet your appreciative public.

Ensure you have a Sharpie or tattoo gun for the ole John Hancock on the occasional forehead or buttcheek.

Bigun said...

That's not a knot....

Bolder said...


you never know when he'll get all nasty!!!

BigMac said...

Yes, I recognized Taconite Boy at teh pool...but only because I am a fellow triathlete. We're all blessed with super powers, aren't we?

Tri-Dummy said...'s a dimple.

Fe-lady said...

I am going to crack up laughing when we are addressing each other as our "blog names" when we meet...If anyone calls me "Fe-lady" I probably won't even respond!