Sunday, April 15, 2007

This Weeks Random Thoughts...

Pete Townsend invented the guitar smashing antics of the late 60's and early 70's to celebrate a awesome performance. Something like this..

So after my very encouraging ride on Saturday, I found it fitting that I as well smash my 'axe' in celebration...

Disclaimer. No Tri-axe was damaged in this shot. Unlike Pete Townshend, Taconite Boy does not have the funds to replace said axe each time he has a good ride.

The Numbers

62.25 Miles
3 Hrs 28 Min.
Avg Speed 17.9 (yea!)
Avg Hr Rate 120 (thanks heart medication..makes my beats lower)
Total Climbing 1884 ft.
Calories Burned 4149??? Seems a wee bit high :<

What an amazing confidence booster a good ride can be. I remember last year Trimama having these types of rides and just being happy for her, but not fully understanding their impact on her training year. Well, I get it now!

Needless to say, training seems to be going well. I took the week off from swimming because my shoulder was really sore, I think a combination of heavy lacquer spray work at Paradise and 11000 yards in the pool the week prior really wore me out. Starting to feel better now though.

I'm a reluctant super hero.

Oh sure, I'll spray some carbon out of my spidy like wrists and repair cracked and chipped carbon bikes of the populace at large, but when it really comes down to it, I'm too freaking busy with the business and training to really make a concerted effort to use my pee-pee sterlizing eye ray at every pool I come upon. It's just too much effort right now. So if you find yourself being drafted by some jerk at a race, I may use my anti-drafting road spray on him, but chances requires too much effort. So take a care out there.

Oh yes and I did celebrate my ride yesterday with this.


Tac Out



Bill said...

Gotta love the way you celebrate your rides.

I prefer a smooth Bourbon and an Onyx Reserve Toro myself, but I could do just fine with your choices.

Fe-lady said...

Oh my. I haven't had hard liquor (except in a marguarita) for about 20 years...and I found myself dancing to the B-52s in Mexico with some guy I didn't know....
Congrats on the ride! Aren't those confidence boosters great? (Last weekend yes, today not so confident, but got the mileage in!)

Fe-lady said...

Oh yeah...Commodore finished his swim in 1:44 and is on the bike. I hope it's not as windy in Phoenix as it is here today (and yesterday there was nary a breeze..!)

greyhound said...


Good ride and good refreshments.

P.S. it is "we're not in Kansas anymore" windy in Tempe today. Say a little prayer for all the peeps out on their bikes.

Bolder said...

great pic!

where were the flashpoints?

need more carbon in the next shot!!!

keep 'em comin'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

marz_racer said...

Great ride Tac! It sounds like I may see you and TriMama at the Trail Mix 25k this weekend. Yee Haw!!!

Tri-Dummy said...

Beauty, eh.

Nice seeing your grape in better shape.

TJ said...

now that's the way to properly celebrate a great ride.
very nice.

Comm's said...

now that is a comforting photo. The hooch and stogie not the bald guy smashing the bike

tarheeltri said...

I love that photo... I always feel like that after a ride, especially during a race!