Monday, September 24, 2007

Final Immoo Swim-

The two lap swim was supposed to be easier on the second loop, but tac found it to be very crowded as well. Again not the 'Oh, I think death is on the doorstep' kind of bumpy, but just really annoying. Tac did appreciate the music as he rounded the corner for the second swim spin, Panama-Van Halen, it was perfect.

One thing Tac forgot to mention about this race was the weather.


Tac had seen the weather the two previous years as a volunteer. Ugh. It was the two most hideous days for an Ironman that one could imagine. 94 and high humidity in 2005 and darn right freezing and rain in 06. Tac figured to bet the odds. 4 bad years in a row needed a break, and 2007 had to be that year.

Sunny, dry with a high of 78. Pretty dang good if you ask this tri-caped wonder.

Swimming into the finish line area Tac literally yelled underwater, probably scared the swimmer right next to me, but Tac was stoked. Finishing this swim put him on the Ironman map, the swim was completed.

Runing into the peeling area Tac was only thinking one thought,

"where is my Mama?"

Approaching the peel area there stood Peeling captin and WIBA host Robby B. He told me about his amazing swim (54 minutes Tac thinks?) several years ago. When he came out of the water the crowd was fairly quite, so he cupped his ear and whooped up the spectators. I stole his signature and did the same. 1:21 not exactly Robby B, but tac's a really good ear cupper. Typical Madison response, huge cheers and a big high five from RB.

Walking past the peelers Tac could not find Mama, looking, peelers motioning me over, looking,...finally


There she was, near the back on the right. Pretty much the exact opposite of where she told TB to look prior to the race. Love you dear.

Big hugs, stripped suit (Yeaah that's it baby) and a kiss to the forehead and TB was running up the helix. RUNNING UP THE HELIX. Tac had mentally rehearsed this very moment over and over throughout the training year, that is an awesome feeling.

Getting into transistion was interesting, Tac spotted coach Chris from Gear West and he was surprised to see me. No, really was quite shocked to see TB up the helix this early. Feelings of pride and humiliation at the same time, very interesting :}

T1 was quick. Changed with great help from the volunteers and headed out to the bike, but first got sun-screen slathered by the bloggy home girls 21st Century, Iron girl Nyhus and of course Iron Jen. Found the bike, mounted and began one of the most difficult bike rides Tac's ever had....

Tac out...


greyhound said...

There is that moment when you know you are going to finish something special, but you haven't yet done it. That was one of the most exciting moments of my life--swimming from the last turn to swim out and knowing that I was in the process of overcoming my biggest hurdle.

tarheeltri said...

Good swim Tac. There is no doubt in my mind that you would have been around 1:10 if you seeded yourself correctly. Inside, right behind the fast swimmers. Inside the buoys on the straightaways and round the corners on the outside. HINT: I'm not really a 1:08 IM Swimmer, I just took Bold's advice and worked it!!!

Bigun said...

as long as you got stripped and kissed; that's all that really matters.

Bigun said...

We interrupt this swim to bring you another Amaising Adventure of Taconite Man! Tac and the Tribe are casually eating thier hearty supper prepaired by the ever-so-hot Trimama, when TTK (Tri-Turbo-Kraut - keep up, people...) bursts through the front door...

TTK - Tac Man, its the signal, we got a mission!

TM - To the Tacmobile!

Trimama - Make sure you bring it back with a full tank! I got PTA tommorow!

TM - Sure thing, shnookums...

Running to the driveway, Taconite Man looks up at the signal and stops.

TM - um, TTk - did you get a good look at that signal?

TTK - Sure goggles are a bit foggy from the 4 X 500 meter main set swim I was on, but I saw it just fine!

TM - that's the new Benny Signal...

TTK - aww, shucks, Taconite Man, you mean there's a new superhero out there?

TM - it's a competitive world, Tri-Turbo-Kraut - we need to work up a business plan and come up with some advertising if we are gonna keep our #1 Superhero status. What do you think of the Yellow Pages? TV is just way too you think Trimama would let us sell the minivan?

Iron Girl Nyhus said...

The weather WAS perfect for that swim. The lake was so beautiful that morning :)


Anonymous said...

It sounded like a perfect day!

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TriBoomer said...

As always you looked fab out there on the course. It was good to see you and The Tribe again.

Stay tuned...

21stCenturyMom said...

I can't believe I'm just getting around to reading this race report. Where have I been! Well done!

Anonymous said...

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