Sunday, September 23, 2007

Little more

Wow. One week since Tac last posted. That busy. The leaves are changing here, the fall winds are blowing and so many new things are happening in Trimama/Tac land as well. Much of that for future posts. Better later then never, here is another part of the Wisconsin Ironman race report.

The previous days the one thing Tac was fretting was that da-- swim. 2400 people and so many ankles, legs, heads and elbows that could knock tac a good blow caused much fretting prior to the race. The feeling that your in a aqua based street brawl never really occured. Don't get IronTac wrong, LOTS OF BUMPING, nudging and one good hit to the goggles but otherwise fairly uneventful. One annoying aspect was getting boxed in. Early on in the week Tac determined to be in the back of the pack and just move up from there.

Big Mistake.

Tac was weaving through so many swimmers for the entire 2 loops. Many times being boxed in on all three sides. Several times this required Tac to stop swimming just to get outside the box in order to pass. T-Boy's time was around 1:21 and that's exactly where he should have been in the pack, somewhere between halfway and 3/4 the way back.

Live and learn.

The other interesting part of the swim was blonde surf board girl,

2nd loop

to the right

(Some of you guys know exactly what Tac is talkin about)

Black full sleeve wetsuit.

Oh boy...Let's just say it was a good motivator going into the second loop :)

As I exited the water.....oh look Tac has jst been kidnapped again by evil Dr. Anti Post who's forcing me to to all those silly activites that keep me away from finishing a SINGLE POST.....


greyhound said...

I can neither confirm nor deny that I noticed an athletic girl with a blond pony tail on a surfboard with a Quintana Roo wetsuit with yellow lettering who was so hawt the water was barely wetsuit legal.

But if you're the kind of woman who gets noticed while I'm focused on not dying in the swim, well, then you've got it going on.

TJ said...

pictures, or it didn't happen!!!!

Fe-lady said...

I LOVE that kitchen you did with the red walls and the white cabinets...
I'm tellin' Trimama what you said about that surfer chicky...we have to stick together!