Thursday, September 06, 2007

Ironman is everywhere...

Tac is surrounded. Surrounded my Madison Iron fever. M-dots as far as the eye can see, the nervous chatter of athletes rehearsing their game plans and schwag temptations that if pursued would put your superhero in the Trimama penalty box.

Greyhound and Tac have settled nicely here in Madison. While sitting at breakfast this morning Tri-Shannon walked up to us. She's here alone so Greyhound and Tac got a new nervous pre-race chatter buddy. Yea.

We all headed down to registration this morning and picked up our bags and schwags. Tac was even greeted at the end of the registration table by our local Tri Club Captain, Coach Chris! We spent the afternoon retrieving bikes from tri-transport and drive touring the course with Simply Stu. Re-visiting the course was a good reminder that this bike course SUCKS DONKEY HOO HA. Wow a very technical and hilly ride is in store for Sunday. Tac's plan is to take it easy on those hills and plan for a longer bike then he would like.

Getting ready for a Gatorade swim in the morning, meeting up with a bunch more bloggers and then more nervous fretting for the rest of the day :)

Special thanks for all of your support regarding my Janus Charity Challenge...The goal has been met! Yea!

Finally this weeks, ehmm, months episode of "The Adventures of Taconite Boy"

Tac found his way down to Madison on Wednesday night. The tac-mobile was on the rack and his trusty other sidekick Greyhound was in the co-pilot seat. Just as we were arriving into the Dane County area, Tac noticed a strange light in the horizon.

"Holy Capitol dome's Taconite Boy, Someone has shut off the lighting on capital hill. What will happen to all those Ironman Finisher photo's!"

"Great point Hound dog, this could only be the work of...."

Bigun/Trimama? have fun

Tac Out


stronger said...

Feeling the excitement with you! Go be the superhero Sunday- you've earned it!

Bigun said...

...One-o-One Man!

Greyhound: But I thought they canceled that guy!

TB: They did! 101-Man must be out for M-dot revenge!

Grey: Hey TB, what's all that lumpy stuff in your cape?

TB: Lumpy stuff, ahh, don't know what you're talking about...

Trimama: Holy Crap! TB, what the heck have you done!

Trimama grabs TB's cape and pulls hard, spilling thousands of dollars (two shirts, a cap and a nifty finisher's jacket) of M-dot swag on the ground. Nearby competitors gather close...

TB: Pay no attention to that, we have a tri-evil-doer to catch.

Trimama: Tri-evil-doer my smoking hot ass!!! Bring all this stuff back...NOW!

TB: but honeeeeeeeyyyyyy....

Greyhound: Look, there's 101-man, he's getting away!

TB: Smooches, mama-dearest, gotta-go!

Trimama scoops up the discarded swag just before the crowd, having started thier m-dot swag induced zombie chant, made off with nearly one million dollars of returnable, not-yet-worn clothing goods.

bigmike600 said...

It was great to meet up with you guys today. Sorry I called you Greyhound. I'm bad with name face recognition. Good Luck tomorrow and we will be cheering all you bloggers on.

TriSaraTops said...

YOU ARE AN IRONMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!