Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Donuts, Wii, hair loss and random training thoughts.

First, thank you for your kind comments regarding my heart issues and the Ironman Video. I really appreciated your thoughts prayers and enjoyment of the video!

Last Saturday morning I went out on my traditional run for family donuts. I'm not sure how long this tradition has been going, but the fine art of finding tasty donuts is serious business. If for any reason I entertain the idea of not jumping in the frezzing car to pick them up, great mournig commences followed by weeping and nashing of teeth. So donut morning can not be avoided. I don't really mind though. It's one of our traditions that keeps me connected to the kids. So much of the week seems to be like 6 individuals moving through their routines and Saturday morning donuts/cartoon's is a time I always look forward to.

A new family tradition has become this-

Wiiiiiii! Pathetically fun. The best part of this game is that Chopper can roll a virtual bowling ball along side Hypen-Girl and myself and were all having a great time. So if you can get one, I recommend! We did'nt discuss the benefits of Wii at our parenting church group on Sunday night, but I'm sure there is a theological basis for family edification by way of Nintendo.

So about 10 years ago my hair started becoming so thin that I did the Telly Savlas thing of course I was in denial that It would continue to thin, but the ghost of Kojack was coming...and he wanted something!

So imagine what I'm thinking when I wake up last Saturday to this sight.

Picture does'nt do it justice. He looked like he had soaked both hands in water then used metal forks to clean lint out of an old outlet! It was unbelievable. It was also depressing. My gosh son, you have sooo much hair. Well enjoy it for now boy, because the ghost of Telly may some day come to the door and he'll want all of those folicals!

I am so cold. Training has been going well, but man am I cold. I find that each year I begin to really ramp up training I loose that nice warm blanket of fat around me and start to need multiple layers of clothes just to maintain my warmth. Anyone else find this to be true regarding winter training?

Beginner Triathlete is more like Seasoned Triathlete. What a training plan. Last week I ran 18 miles, swam 5000 yards and biked for 6 hours on a trainer!! This week calls for about 6 hours on the trainer, 5 hours of runing and 4000 more yards. I'm cutting short most of my runs due to knee issues and limiting swimming to twice a week only.

I can grow to hate swimming. Last year we had a divorce about mid season. We came back together just this past month and seem to be reconciling o.k. I just find swimming to be long and sorta boring. I need underwater headphones/ipod. Where's Steve Jobs when I need him!!! Well I'll figure it out. Hope all your winter training is going well.

Take care,
Tac out


Taconite Boy said...

Yea, first to comment on hubby's blog! Looks awesome-but I've always thought bald was sexy. The blog looks pretty good too.

tri-mama said...

Dang it! See what happens when you share a computer-that was me above-not Tac boy leaving himself some bizarre self love.

Flatman said...


I like the new blog makeover!

(and how do we know that Tac boy didn't leave both of those messages????)

Sam said...

I believe you can get underwater headphones. I saw a guy with them at the pool on monday night. Sorry I don't have more info.

Iron Pol said...

Ummm, first, why is Tri Mama in drag. Tac, you should limit her access to your passwords.

I'm sure you don't EAT any of those donuts. My wife made me pick up a dozen Dunkin' Donuts on our vacation. They seem to have vanished without any help from me.

Nice makeover on the blog.

Sam is referring to SwiMP3 headphones. Nancy Toby has some and did a review. Check with her.

Finally, consider yourself lucky if you're at 4000 yards/week. Coach Mike has me on a swim focus and I'm doing close to 10,000 yards. Of course, running is down to like 10-15 miles and only a few hours on the bike.

marz_racer said...

Nice new look Tac. Do you have a public log on Beginer Triathlete? If so, send me the name so I can check up on you and make sure you don't slack off.

Fe-lady said...

Swimming- yeah I like it, but I don't love it enough to put in the time for stroke drills and intervals. I just swim- and seem to do OK in tris...it's just something to get thru until you "get" to bike and run!
Nice blog- clean ansd crisp!
I messed up my MAC-only I could mess up a MAC so I am going to the ProCare team on Sat. to see if they can re-set preferences and I will buy an airport from them if they can help me.
Wii....everytime we see the commercial we say "I want to try that"- but the guys driving around in that little car haven't stopped at our house yet!!!

Comm's said...

First off, dough nuts are awesome and a staple of the homer Simpson diet. I prefer Dunkin Dough nuts for their excellent dough nuts and great coffee.

Second Wii is just wrong. First off video games are made to be played sitting on a couch or laying in bed or on the floor. None of this double-dutch jump rope stuff.

By the way do you think Wii will come out with a version of Doom or Halo. Now that might be worth it.

21st Century Mom said...

I hate all you men who lose weight just thinking about going for a bike ride. So no - I am NOT suffering the cold due to increased training. In fact, I'm training more AND weighing more. I.CRY.FOUL!

I am swimming more and loving it more so that's good. Guess it's time to step up the running and biking.

Nice blog update.

ironjenny said...

great new look...

Craig Case said...

Taconite - nice blog - where's your email? Let's hang out soon...I'll be 38 in April, will I lose my hair too? 952/212-8790

Wendy said...

They're out there, Tac Boy. (Nancy Toby also did a review.)

I think they're kind of fun. But I wouldn't own them. They would prevent me from concentrating on what I'm doing in the water.


tarheeltri said...

The underwater iPod thing is called an Otterbox. Check out otterbox.com.

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